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Improving our parks, beaches, and trails

Improving parks and beaches in Vancouver - Renfrew Ravine

The Vancouver Park Board and City are continually working to ensure parks, trails, and recreation facilities are:

  • Designed and well-maintained to meet community needs
  • Meet future population growth 

Learn about projects that sustain and grow our green spaces

Creating new parks

The Vancouver Park Board continually expands the park and recreation system to meet future population growth. Find out which park areas are currently being created.

Improving existing parks

The Vancouver Park Board works to ensure that parks and recreation facilities are properly designed and well-maintained to meet community needs. Find out which parks are being improved or redeveloped.

Creating and improving trails

Learn how the City and Vancouver Park Board are creating and improving trails to enhance safety and provide means of travel by foot, bike, and horse.

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Creating new parksImproving existing parksCreating and improving trails