Vancouver City Hall

Our role

We can accelerate change by being a leader in the use of renewable energy in our operations.

We have a long history of supporting climate action, from the Clouds of Change reports in 1990 to the Community Climate Change Action Plan in 2005 and the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan in 2011, and now the Renewable City Strategy. 

Our role is to pursue renewable energy in areas where we have control and advocate and partner with agencies in the areas where we have less control.

City service renewable energy priorities

Short-term actions that we will implement to support the use of renewable energy.

Who we are working with 

We will have to act on our own operations as well as advocate with all levels of government and the community to achieve our 2050 goals.

City of Vancouver

Other levels of government

Public business, consumers, academia, and others

What areas we control, and which areas we can influence

How we will act and move forward to reach our 100% renewable energy goal in the areas of buildings, transportation, lands under provincial and federal control, and waste.

Buildings, land use, and licensing


Lands under provincial and federal control