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Downtown Vancouver and Cambie Street Bridge on a sunny day with the North Shore Mountains in the background

Zero Waste Vancouver

It’s time to shift our thinking about waste. We all have a role to play in reducing our waste and consumption. Let’s get to zero waste together.

Waste can seem like an inevitable result of our grab-and-go lives. But it doesn’t have to be.

A zero waste future that prioritizes reducing and reusing is not only possible, it’s a critical part of solving today’s climate crisis, preserving resources, and eliminating waste.

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Help shape the Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

We're inviting businesses, industry experts, organizations, and other levels of government to provide feedback on a consultation paper that will help develop a Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy.

Comments and written feedback on the consultation paper will be accepted until December 15, 2017.

Read the Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy consultation paper

Upcoming roundtable meetings:

Questions? Email singleuse.consultationpaper@vancouver.ca

Zero waste strategies

In 2011, we created an ambitious plan to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. Our Greenest City Action Plan includes a key goal and target: create zero waste by reducing solid waste going to landfill and incincerator by 50% from 2008 levels.

In support of our zero waste goal, we’re exploring short- to long-term actions that will help us reduce and ultimately eliminate waste sent to landfill or incinerator, including:

  • The Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy to reduce waste from disposable cups, plastic and paper shopping bags, foam food packaging, and take-out containers
  • Zero Waste 2040, a long-term framework to guide the actions and investments that are needed for us to achieve zero waste

Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

We're exploring how to reduce waste from disposable cups, shopping bags, and take-out food containers.

Zero Waste 2040

We aim to be a zero waste city by 2040 to conserve scarce resources, limit climate change, and create social and economic opportunities.

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News about zero waste

Bins of used single coffee cups

Businesses, industry invited to provide input on Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

September 12 2017 - The City of Vancouver is inviting businesses and industry representatives to provide feedback as we develop a Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy.

On-street recycling station

City making it easier to recycle while out and about

July 17 2017 - This summer, the City is expanding on-street recycling options throughout downtown Vancouver to help keep our streets clean, litter-free, and vibrant.

Illustration of a disposable cup, take-out-food container, and shopping bag

City invites participation in creating a made-in-Vancouver strategy to reduce use of single use items

June 27 2017 - You're invited to take part in creating a strategy to reduce waste from disposable cups, plastic and paper shopping bags, and foam food packaging.

Illustration of a disposable cup, take-out-food container, and shopping bag

Staff to update Council on reduction of single-use items

June 22 2017 - We're presenting emerging approaches to reduce the disposal of coffee cups, paper and plastic shopping bags, foam food packaging, and take-out containers.

Single-Use Item Reduction StrategyZero Waste 2040Get involved