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Illustration of a disposable cup, take-out-food container, and shopping bag with the words 'it's time to shift our thinking about waste'

Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

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We are developing the Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy to explore how we can reduce waste from:

  • Disposable hot and cold drink cups
  • Plastic and paper shopping bags
  • Polystyrene foam and other take-out containers 

We all have a role to play in helping to shape a made-in-Vancouver solution that reduces waste from single-use items, enables innovation, and drives further zero-waste progress. We can’t get there alone.

Did you know?

Despite their convenience, single-use items:

  • Use a significant amount of resources
  • Are often not reused or recycled
  • Take up valuable space in our landfill
  • Impact our environment long after they're used
  • Cost Vancouver taxpayers about $2.5 million per year to collect from public waste bins and to clean up as litter in our parks, streets, and green spaces

Expand the boxes below for:

  • A waste snapshot about disposable cups, shopping bags, and take-out containers
  • Initiatives to reduce, reuse, and recycle each type

Help shape the strategy

Residents, citizens, and neighbours:

How should we reduce waste from hot and cold beverage cups, fast food containers, and plastic and paper bags? Tell us what you think and help us develop a single-use item reduction strategy in this survey.

Take the survey

Businesses, institutions, and not-for-profits:

Provide feedback on the strategy through our consultation paper.

Read the consultation paper

Your input and suggestions are important to us. Submit your comments by Friday, December 15, 2017 in one of the following ways:

By Email: singleuse.consultationpaper@vancouver.ca
Online comment form: Consultation Paper Response Form
By Mail: City of Vancouver - Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy Consultation, 453 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Disposable cups

Shopping bags

Take-out food containers


  • Feb 2016

    Council directs staff to report back on regulatory options for single-use items

  • Mar-Sep 2016

    Research to identify regulatory options and other best practices

  • Oct 2016

    Phase 1 consultation

    Single-Use Item Reduction workshop

  • Dec 2016-
    Feb 2017

    Further research and analysis

  • Mar-May 2017

    Develop emerging directions

  • June 2017

    Council update and consultation launch

  • Summer 2017

    Phase 2 consultation

  • We are here
  • Aug-Dec 2017

    • Share discussion guide with stakeholders (industry, businesses, institutions, non-profits, and other government agencies) for review and feedback
    • Roundtable discussions with stakeholder groups
    • Talk Vancouver survey
    • Public education and awareness at Pop Up City Hall and other events
  • Early 2018

    Present consultation results to City Council

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