Future Vancouver streetscape

Goals and targets

We will track emissions according to the most stringent international standards.

Our ambitious and achievable 35-year Renewable City Strategy:

Target 1: Derive 100% of the energy used in Vancouver from renewable sources before 2050
Target 2: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% below 2007 levels before 2050

How we will reach our goals and targets

To reach our goals and targets we will do the following.

Reduce energy use

Increase the use of renewable energy

Increase the supply of renewable energy

Vancouver's energy use in 2050

The Renewable City Strategy aims to transition Vancouver's energy use to 100% renewable sources by 2050.

Our scope

What geographical and emissions areas we are focusing on.

Renewable buildings

Our strategy is to target building energy —primarily in space heating and hot water use — where it can have the largest carbon reduction impact.

Renewable transportation

To meet our long-term air quality and emissions targets, we will support the shift to renewably powered vehicles.

Green economic opportunities

Global investment in clean energy is expected to be almost three quarters of total global energy investment.

Renewable buildingsRenewable transportationGreen economic opportunities