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Green economic opportunities

Investment now in a renewably powered economy is an investment with lasting returns.

Canada already has more jobs in clean energy than in oil and gas. Within the next fifteen years, global investment in clean energy is expected to be almost three quarters of total global energy investment.

Imagine a city where jobs and businesses are diverse and economically strong, businesses both big and small invest in the city, and businesses thrive using only renewable energy. 

Economic opportunity priorities

Short-term actions that we will implement to create green economic opportunities for our city and businesses.

E.1 - Support innovators through business and technology research, incubation, acceleration, and demonstration

E.2 - Actively work with businesses to increase the use of renewable energy

E.3 - Target key events and organizations that represent cleantech and renewable energy to strengthen Vancouver’s economy

E.4 - Attract “green capital” and enable more innovative financing mechanisms for clean and renewable businesses