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Renewable transportation

It is important to support the shift to renewably powered vehicles to meet our long-term air quality and emissions targets.

Gas-fueled vehicles account for approximately 37% of our total emissions in 2014. Automobiles, while declining in total proportion of journeys, will continue to play an important role in our transportation system for the foreseeable future.

To meet our long-term air quality and emissions targets, we will continue with the direction set out by our strategic transportation plan Transportation 2040 and shift to renewably powered vehicles.

The transportation system we are aiming for allows for freedoms to not be given up at the expense of environmental benefit, but where you make sustainable choices because they are the most rational, comfortable, convenient, safe, and enjoyable way of getting around.

Imagine a city where the transportation system is efficient, supports a thriving economy while improving affordability, provides citizens the opportunity to be healthy and mobile, and which is powered by renewable energy.

Green vehicles and renewable fuel options

Energy Sources Chart

Reducing transportation energy needs by 2050

In 2050, plug-in and conventional hybrids powered by sustainable biofuels will still allow people to make longer journeys and use their vehicles much as they do today, while using electric propulsion when driving around the city.

Planning our land-use for transportation

We must plan our land-use to reflect our transportation choices, including travel time and reliability, cost, how far we have to go and how flexible we need that journey to be.

How we can influence a reduction in transportation emissions

We can influence a reduction in transportation emissions through the following approaches.

Increase walking

Increase cycling

Increase ridership and convert our transit service

Increase shared vehicle journeys

Increase renewable powered personal vehicle choice

Increase renewable powered commerical vehicle choice

Renewably powered transportation priorities

Short-term actions that we will implement to have renewably powered transportation.

T.1 - Use land-use and zoning policies to develop complete compact communities and complete streets that encourage active transportation and transit

T.2 - Improve transit services as set out in Transportation 2040

T.3 - Transition light-duty vehicles (cars and light trucks) to be predominantly electric, plug-in hybrid or sustainable biofuel powered

T.4 - Develop car-sharing and regional mobility pricing to encourage rational journey choice

T.5 - Better manage commercial vehicle journeys and transition heavy-duty (commercial) vehicles to sustainable biofuels, biomethane, hydrogen and electricity

Initiatives that are helping us reach our goal and targets

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our Transportation 2040 Plan provides a vision for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.

Green vehicles and renewable fuel options