Families gardening at Fifth and Pine pop-up park

Environmental Education and Stewardship Action Plan

A steward is a person who cares for something that benefits everyone.

As a steward, you could:

  • Remove invasive plants
  • Talk to your neighbours about the birds you saw at the beach 
  • Pick up litter
  • Plant a tree in your yard

In Vancouver, we are fortunate to experience nature in our parks, beaches, and backyards. 

Our Environmental Education and Stewardship Action Plan  (9 MB) aims to increase and enhance nature experiences for all Vancouverites and to improve understanding and awareness of nature in the city. 

Parks offer a gateway to nature in the city. As a community, we can care for parks together and use these spaces to get closer to nature.

How to get involved

We work year-round to improve ecology in urban parks through:  

  • Creating no-mow areas for pollinators 
  • Replacing invasive plants with native ones
  • Ongoing efforts to create habitat in parks 
  • Caring for the urban forest and other significant ecological spaces

Here are tips on how you can get involved.

Park stewardship

Here's how you can get hands-on at your local park.

Environmental education

Where to find environmental education programming.


Have ideas for a great stewardship project involving art, food, environment, or all three? We have funds!

Students and classrooms in parks

Vancouver's parks are exceptional classrooms for students of all ages.

Taking students to a park

What you need to know before taking students to a park.

Post-secondary projects

Are you interested in doing a research project in a park? Here's how to get started.

Everett Crowley Park

We are collaborating with several groups to build outdoor learning spaces in Everett Crowley Park.

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Everett Crowley Park