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The Carral Street Greenway helps balance the needs of cyclists and drivers.

Keeping our streets safe and sustainable

Our goals are to keep our streets safe for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers – while encouraging sustainable driving options.

We do this through:

  • Enforcement of federal, provincial, and municipal driving regulations
  • Traffic management programs, tools, and incentives
  • Coordination of traffic control during street construction

Decrease your carbon footprint

Sustainable driving

Get sustainable driving tips and do your part to reduce emissions, and help Vancouver reach its goal of becoming the Greenest City in 2020.

Get the tools to do your job

Trucks, commercial, and oversize vehicles

Find out how Vancouver balances the economic health of the city with the needs of trucks and commercial vehicles.

Keep the roads safe for everyone

Traffic calming and safety

Find out how the City of Vancouver uses traffic calming measures to keep the roads safe, and learn tips for safe driving.

Get traffic data

Traffic cameras, data, and signal reports

The City of Vancouver collects traffic data, and shares it with the public to inform smart traffic management decisions.

Help keep streets safe

Report street light issues

Use our app to report street light issues in Vancouver.

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