Traffic calming signs

Keep Right signs are used on traffic circles

We install traffic calming signs only when we implement traffic calming measures, and not on request. Examples of signs we install are:

  • "Keep right" signs, when we install traffic circles and curb bulges
  • "Maximum 30 km/h" signs in school and playground zones, and on bike routes
  • "Pedestrian crosswalk" signs, when we install crosswalks

Signs not installed by the City

We do not install:

  • "Maximum 30 km/h" signs, unless on a street with schools, parks, or bike routes
  • "No trucks" signs in residential areas because they are reserved for arterial streets and industrial-zoned areas
  • "One way" signs because they would negatively affect nearby streets and lanes
  • "Slow down", "Slow: children playing", or "Residential traffic only" signs on streets because they are not enforceable and they add to sign clutter

Report damaged signs

A damaged sign can be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles. Contact 3-1-1 immediately to report signs that are:

  • Damaged
  • Missing
  • Blocked (for example, by branches)