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Heart shaped bike rack

Archived - Aug 07We've built the top six bike rack designs, now you can try them!

A jury panel has narrowed down the final six designs which have been prototyped and will be available for testing as part of our bike rack design contest.

“Bringing Light to Darkness” led by Indigenous artists Larissa Healey & Shadae Rose J., with the support of many youth

Archived - Aug 04Murals and music meet this weekend in Mount Pleasant

The work of 40 local and international artists hits the streets this weekend as the third Vancouver Mural Festival kicks off

Checking blood pressure

Archived - Aug 03Vancouver sees worst week of overdose deaths in 2018

Eleven people died of a suspected overdose between July 23 and July 29 showing that the overdose crisis continues to impact Vancouver at alarming rates.

Temporary modular housing unit

Archived - Aug 01Union St at Gore Ave being considered as a site for temporary modular housing

If approved, this newest site at 898 Main St would bring the City and the Province to their goal of 600 new temporary modular homes.

The Rio Theatre

Archived - Jul 31City of Vancouver contributes to help #SaveTheRio

A campaign to purchase what has become a cultural landmark in Vancouver has almost reached its goal with a conditional grant approved by Vancouver City Council this week.

Regent Hotel at 160 Hastings St

Archived - Jul 30City files notice of expropriation for the Balmoral and Regent hotels

On July 25, the City of Vancouver filed an expropriation notice for the Balmoral and Regent Hotels.

Carnegie Centre

Archived - Jul 27Carnegie Centre cafeteria renovations complete

The Carnegie Centre cafeteria reopened its doors earlier this month after undergoing extensive renovations.


Archived - Jul 26Making Room Program duplex proposal referred to public hearing

Zoning changes that would allow duplexes in most single-family areas across the city will be considered by City Council in the fall.

Panorama of Vancouver

Archived - Jul 26Revitalizing our City for a more resilient future

Council has approved $2.8 billion in capital investments to support the renewal of aging assets and investments in new public infrastructure and amenities.

Sea level rise in Vancouver related to climate change

Archived - Jul 26Vancouver prepares for flood-related impacts of sea level rise

City Council approved three recommendations, which will prepare the city's vulnerable areas for sea level rise by implementing and planning for coastal flood protection.

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