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Shape your city, share your input

Every year, the City of Vancouver and Park Board seek feedback on a variety of topics, including citywide strategic plans like the Zero Waste Strategy, neighbourhood plans, and operational plans like the budget.

We want to hear from you. Join TalkVancouver, take a questionnaire, or come out to a public event. Your feedback provides us insight into how we should shape our city.

Consultation activities

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  • Central Library expansion

    Vancouver Public Library will be completing the expansion of its Central Library!  The 8th and 9th floors of the library will be open to the public and will offer a rooftop garden, an exhibit space, theatre, reading room, and meeting rooms. The anticipated opening is fall 2018.  

    We'd like to learn about your interest in the new spaces, how you currently use the library, and about your participation in cultural, creative, and community activities. Your feedback will help us to bring the new space to life through services that best meet your needs. The questionnaire is open until July 20, 2018.


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  • Smart Cities Canada
    Smart Cities Canada

    We are competing for $50 million in the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge this fall. The competition will recognize Canadian cities that can develop ways to improve livability through technology.

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  • Crofton Manor

    Wall Group and Revera Living have proposed to redevelop Crofton Manor. The proposal is to amend the existing CD-1 District to permit a renewed Crofton Manor and the addition of housing and community uses, including public open space. 

    Help shape the future Crofton Manor! Provide your input on the draft planning and development principles and site design concepts. 

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