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Utility programs

Multi-unit residential buildings

Depending on its size, your building may be eligible for a range of utility programs for businesses. Product incentives can help offset the costs to replace old, inefficient technologies with new energy-efficient models. Free energy assessments may also be available. Visit BC Hydro and Fortis BC to discover the current program offerings.

FortisBC Rental Apartment Efficiency Progam

In October 2015, FortisBC launched the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program for owners and managers of rental apartment buildings that are nine units and larger.

The no-cost services that are provided through the program include:

  • A water-efficient shower head and a kitchen and bathroom faucet aerator directly installed in each unit
  • A building energy assessment to identify energy-efficiency improvements and upgrades
  • Ongoing professional assistance from a rental apartment energy management expert to guide owners/managers through the process of making a wide range of energy upgrades 

Learn more about the FortisBC Rental Apartment Efficiency Program 

Other assistance for low-income residents

Energy Savings Kit Program

Looking for ways to save money on your utility bill and make your home more comfortable? In partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC, Energy Savings Kits are free for qualified low income households. The kit includes easy-to-install energy saving products such as water-saving showerheads, CFL light bulbs, weatherstripping, etc.

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

BC Hydro and FortisBC also offer the free Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) to low income households with high energy consumption. Qualified ECAP applicants will receive a free home energy evaluation and installation of energy saving products which may include an Energy Star® refrigerator, insulation for attics and crawlspaces, and faucet aerators for kitchen and bathroom.