Accessible beaches

Accessible beaches

Everyone should be able to enjoy Vancouver's beautiful beaches. When it's challenging to wheel onto the sand, you can book a beach wheelchair or wheelchair path kit.

Beach wheelchairs

Over-sized wheels on beach-ready wheelchairs make it easier to travel across the sand.

2 beach wheelchairs are available to use at any of 12 Vancouver beaches. In general, one wheelchair is located at Jericho Beach and another at English Bay Beach.

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Wheelchair path kits

A wheelchair path kit is a plastic pathway that you can lay down on the sand to make it easier to roll a wheelchair or other wheeled device.

Reserve a beach wheelchair or path kit

If you would like to use either the beach wheelchairs or the path kits, phone 604-738-8535 to make sure we have the equipment available.

Call several days before you need the equipment to ensure the equipment is ready for you.

Beach accessibility

June to September

Phone: 604-738-8535