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Artist studio residencies in parks and park facilities

At Vancouver Draw Down, Loco Moto artists Graham Brown and Robert Scharein invited participants to become the tips of virtual pencils and implements, to make giant works of art drawn virtually on the landscape using GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets

Over 50 artists creating in 13 parks citywide

Evolving from a pilot project in 2011, the Vancouver Park Board artist studio residencies program now includes over 50 artists (solo or part of collectives) that work out of field houses, park facilities, marinas, and community centres.

The program provides free work-only studios for artists until January 15, 2015 in exchange for community arts-based engagement.

Discover the artists-in-residence and their projects, below.

Art: a catalyst for building vibrant, engaged communities

With free studio space in exchange for community arts-based engagement, artists can:

  • Pursue their current art making directions and try new things without the constraints of studio cost
  • Engage, provoke, and grow participation in the arts through imaginative social encounters with the community
  • Connect with other artists who also work in this field of practice to grow this form of participatory arts-engagement 

Park residency artists and projects that started in 2013

The Bird Project

The Bird Project

Queen Elizabeth Park artists 2013-2014: Geneviève Raiche-Savoie and Jesse Garbe. "The collective will be producing socially engaged art that raises awareness about issues concerning local and migratory birds as part of the City of Vancouver’s Bird Friendly Strategy."

Loco Moto Art Collective

Loco Moto Art Collective

Aberthau/West Point Grey artists 2013-2015: The Loco Moto Art collective will develop unique indoor and outdoor arts experiences, proposing large-scale digital mosaics, video and sound installations, collage boxes, underwater footage projections, digital storytelling, real-time computer graphics displays and live multi-media performances to be staged across the grounds of the community centre.

Melanie Schambach

Re-Invent Project

Moberly Park artist 2013-2015: Melanie Schambach, social artist/painter. Melanie will be exploring participatory art processes with local community, businesses, and service providers to create new narratives of belonging, inclusion and health by cross-creating a series of participatory paintings weaving meanings and stories on communal physical spaces.

Field house residency artists and projects that started in 2012

Burrard Fieldhouse artists

Burrard Marina Field House

Burrard Marina Field House artists 2012 to 2015: The Contemporary Art Gallery. "This partnership seeks to open up opportunities to work with artists – locally through to internationally – whose practice moves beyond conventional exhibition making."

Elm Park Fieldhouse artist Germaine Koh

Elm Park Field House

Elm Park Field House artist 2012 to 2015: Germaine Koh, visual artist. "Germaine will use the field house both as a studio and as the home base for the community-based project League. League will be a weekly gathering of people who come together to play sports and games they invented."

Falaise Park Field House artist Mark Haney performs

Falaise Park Field House

Falaise Park Field House artist 2012 to 2015: Mark Haney, composer / double bassist. "Mark will be using the field house for daily practice and rehearsal studio for various projects and there will be regular open-studio hours to encourage and invite the public in to the creative processes of both performing and creating."

Hadden Park Fieldhouse artists

Hadden Park Field House

Hadden Park Field House artist 2012–2015: Rebecca Bayer, Justine A Chambers, Josh Hite, Billy Marchenski and Kristen Roos. "This collective will collaborate with the community on works investigating psychogeographical relationships between local histories and forms of mapping through sound, collective recordings, temporary installations, performances, screenings, workshops, conversations and dinners."

Maclean Park Fieldhouse artists

MacLean Park Field House

MacLean Park Field House artist 2012 to 2015: Urban Weavers (Sharon Kallis, eco-based community artist and Todd DeVries, Haida cedar weaver). "Local artist-weavers together with ecologists explore the creative repurposing of green waste. In the Urban Weaver Project, invasive species are substituted for traditional weaving materials that are difficult to harvest sustainably in the city."

Memorial South Park Fieldhouse artists: Cloudscape Comics Collective

Memorial South Park Field House

Memorial South Park Field House artists 2012 - 2015: Cloudscape Comics Collective. They are a diverse collective of over 60 members and their programming will take advantage of the cultural diversity of the neighbourhood and promote cultural cross pollination through the sharing of stories. Stories will be created in workshops and then incorporated in a community comics library.

Moberly Park Fieldhouse artists

Moberly Park Field House

Moberly Park Field House artists 2012 - 2015: The Something Collective. "They are developing a community-mapping project, We Are Here, which will interact with the public using all of their artistic mediums. Community maps draw out narratives of why residents value their neighbourhood and how they want it to grow and change."

Slocan Fieldhouse artists

Slocan Park Field House

Slocan Park Field House artists 2012-2015: The Art House in the Field Collective. "The Art House In The Field Collective joins Renfrew/Collingwood based arts groups to build community through cultural, artistic and inclusive experiences. Some art will include; lantern art; felting; visual art classes; costume design; music; photography; displays; carving and more!"

David Gowman

Strathcona Park Field House

Strathcona Park Field House artist 2014-2015: David Gowman, the artist called Mr. Fire-Man. David is holding a series of workshops about building musical horns from local wood where you will learn tool making, the sustainable harvest of local wood, wood curing and storage, horn playing, musical improvisation, and horn making.

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