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Fieldhouse programs in parks

What you'll find at our fieldhouses

By City of Vancouver

Here's a look at our program themes.

  • Arts

    By City of Vancouver

  • Environment

    By City of Vancouver

  • Garden and local food

    By City of Vancouver

  • Social engagement

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  • Sport

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Want to apply for a space?

Applications will open in 2018. Stay tuned for details.

Come explore activities at fieldhouses located in our parks.

Vancouver Park Board's Fieldhouse Activation Program offers space and access to local individuals, groups, and organizations to create activities that engage the community.

And your participation is wanted! 

Five program themes

There is something for everything, with each fieldhouse program focused on one or more themes.

Aberthau – West Point Grey

Loco Moto Art collective

At Aberthau Cultural Centre, 4397 W 2nd Ave

The Loco Moto Art collective has been developing unique indoor and outdoor arts experiences, creating with community:

  • Large-scale digital mosaics
  • Video and sound installations
  • Collage boxes
  • Digital storytelling
  • Real-time computer graphics displays
  • Live multimedia performances

Read posts, find out about events and workshops, and more on Loco Moto's blog.

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Adanac Park

Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver

At Adanac Park Fieldhouse, 1025 Boundary Rd (at Adanac Street)

Invasive species disturb wildlife habitat, take over our gardens and parks and even pose safety risks.

Knotweed, hogweed, European fire ant, and other local invaders affect many aspects of human life including:

  • Food production
  • Recreation
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Natural resource sectors

How do they impact your life?

Help us fight the alien invasion

The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver is here to help fight the alien invasion!

Visit our native plant demonstration garden and headquarters at Adanac Park Fieldhouse, check out our resources, or attend an information session to educate yourself about our worst local invaders and how you can be part of the solution.

Please join our conservation effort! 

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Burrard Marina

Contemporary Art Gallery partnership

At Burrard Marina Fieldhouse, 1655 Whyte Ave

The Contemporary Art Gallery partnership opens up opportunities for community to work with local and international artists whose practices move beyond conventional exhibition-making.

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Burrard View Park

Lexie Owen

At Burrard View Park Fieldhouse, 650 North Penticton St

Lexie Owen is an interdisciplinary artist interested in sculpture, craft in the expanded field, social practice initiatives, and curatorial projects. She explores the way new understandings form when different systems of recognition collide.

From back alley walking tours with botanists to community sewing circles stitching maps and text, Owen investigates by making objects, forming societies, and intervening in public space.

Projects like the Collaborative Embroidery Society will serve as a jumping-off point for community engagement.

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Elm Park

Experiments in Living

At Elm Park Fieldhouse, 5800 Elm Street (at W 41st Avenue)

Experiments in Living is a project designed to question our surroundings and
better understand the things we take for granted in our daily lives.

We hope to re-imagine objects and activities found within a typical home through a series of dynamic collaborations with:

  • Artists
  • Community members
  • Recreation centres
  • Local businesses

Select 'Read more' for details our our workshops and events.

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Falaise Park

Iris Film Collective

At Falaise Park Fieldhouse, 3434 Falaise Ave

Media artists in Iris Film Collective create, screen, and exhibit film-based artworks, seeking to increase the visibility and accessibility of experimental media arts.

Their key interest is in working in community with celluloid film, at a time when this medium is shifting from an industrial model to an artisanal one.'

Iris will host regular screenings of filmwork by local, national, and international artists, as well as offer hands-on workshops and projects for community members of all ages.

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Hadden Park

Publik Secrets

At Hadden Park Fieldhouse, 1015 Maple St

Led by George Rahi and Robyn Jacob, Publik Secrets is a team of musicians, fabricators, and visual artists who re-imagines public spaces as participatory gathering places.

The team works to spark wonder and play through multi-disciplinary, community-driven arts projects and events, with a focus on participation and re-uniting art with the daily life of the community.

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Hastings Community Park

Hastings Community Little League

At Hasting Community Park, 3157 E Pender 

Hastings Community Little League’s vision is to become a central hub of community engagement around youth sport – for both youth and their families – that becomes a model for other sports communities in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Hastings Community Little League strives to provide children with a safe, fun, and positive oriented baseball program that demonstrates the ideals of:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Fair play
  • Teamwork
  • Dedication
  • Competition
  • Courage
  • Respect for others

Hastings Community Little League is a non-profit sports organization established in 1953 which provides baseball programs in five divisions for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12. 

Come join us for family nights in the park! 

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Maclean Park

Mr. Fire-Man

At Maclean Park Fieldhouse, 710 Keefer St

Mr. Fire-Man (artist David Gowman) invites community to explore the craft of building musical instruments from local wood.

All-ages workshops, gatherings, and events will include:

  • Tool-making
  • Sustainably harvest local wood from Cottonwood Garden
  • Wood-curing
  • Horn-making
  • Playing and musical improvisation, with assistance from the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

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McBride Park

Written on the Body

At McBride Park Fieldhouse, 3350 W 4th Ave (at Waterloo Street)

Written on the Body represents a way of working, practicing, experimenting, creating, and collaborating between Elisa Thorn (harp & composition) and Dayna Szyndrowski (percussive dance) at Written on the Body.

"Written on the body is a secret code only visible in certain lights, the accumulations of a lifetime gather there.” Inspired by this text from Jeanette Winterson, the concept began as a collaborative performance between Szyndrowski and Thorn and has since developed into a larger artistic practice that navigates the intersections of music and dance, tradition and innovation, and composition and improvisation.

Through creative work and play with community members of all ages, the pair aim to develop methods to look within in order to look outwards in art and beyond.

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Memorial South Park

Cloudscape Comics Collective

At Memorial South Park Fieldhouse, 5955 Ross St

Cloudscape Comics Collective, a diverse collective of over 60 members, takes advantage of Kensington's cultural diversity to promote cultural cross-pollination with sharing stories.

Stories created in workshops are incorporated in the community comics library.

Stay updated on comic-sharing, online challenges, and weekly drawing contests on Cloudscape's blog.

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Moberly Park

The Vancouver B Movie Factory

At Moberly Park Fieldhouse, 7646 Prince Albert Street

Led by film producer Jimi Stewart, The Vancouver B Movie Factory works in communities to co-create imaginative social encounters that foster participation in the film and television arts.

The Vancouver B Movie Factory looks forward to creating community-based films in the studio and the surrounding park, bringing participants movie making dreams to life.

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Nanaimo Park

Vancouver Minor Baseball Association

At Nanaimo Park, 2390 E 46th Ave

Vancouver Minor Baseball Association has been at Nanaimo Park (Nanaimo and East 45th) in East Vancouver since 1958.

We are thrilled to be accepted in the fieldhouse activation program in the same park.

Vancouver Minor Baseball Association would like to continue to create a community engaged sports hub in the neighbourhood for both youth and families to enjoy.

Our programs

Vancouver Minor Baseball currently offers spring, summer, and fall baseball programs.

We also offer winter clinics for local children, youth, and adults, where we teach all aspects of the game of baseball.

Our association serves the youth of East Vancouver from ages 4 to 19. In 2017, we plan to add a junior men's team for players up to 25 years old.

Our concession

Vancouver Minor Baseball also runs a concession stand near the baseball fields during the season, serving ball park favourites to its members ande neighbours.

The concession employs local high school students certified with Food Safe.

Select 'Read more' to find out about events and workshops at the Nanaimo fieldhouse. 

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Norquay Park

Norquay Neighbourhood Food Hub

At Norquay Park Fieldhouse, 5050 Wales St (at Kingsway)

The food hub is a central gathering place for a thriving neighbourhood food system and food-based community activities, events, and celebrations.

Participate, learn new skills, share old skills, laugh, and eat with neighbours, while you enjoy the simple wonders of good food and community.

The food hub is a collaboration between Fresh Roots Urban Farm, Renfrew-Collingwood Aboriginal Youth Canoe Club, Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute, and Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.


Oak Park

chART: Public Art Marpole

At Oak Park Fieldhouse, 900 W 59th Ave

chART: Public Art Marpole is a long-term research partnership between the community of Marpole and Dr. Cameron Cartiere of Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

chART aims to support public art and community engagement through creativity and innovation.

Their project focuses on the sustainable cultural, environmental, social, and economic impact of public art within a community.

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Pandora Park

Dance Troupe Practice

At Pandora Park Fieldhouse, 2325 Franklin St

Dance Troupe Practice is a movement based performance collective, creating work that combines dance, voice, video, and installation.

Committed to a deep exploration of the moving body and creative collaboration, they look forward to connecting community needs and interests to their own practices, to explore the connections between dance and everyday life in unexpected places.

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Riley Park

The Potting Studio

At Riley Park (old pottery studio), 95 E 32nd (south side)

The Potting Studio will be used to:

  • House garden tools and supplies
  • Host community meetings to discuss food literacy and education programs
  • Facilitate workshops 

The educational workshops held in the space will reflect our garden groups’ core vision to improve food security, ecological sustainability, and community development.

How we'll implement our vision

The space is located close to the Riley Park Community Garden where our vision can be implemented by:

  • Supporting food literacy programs 
  • Using public spaces for skill development
  • Creating a hub for discussion
  • Ensuring that the garden green space is community-based
  • Working with local artists and groups on multicultural art displays and community celebrations 

The Fieldhouse and Community Garden projects are supported by Little Mountain Neighbourhood House.

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Riley Park Suite

Merakos Fieldhouse

At Riley Park, 95 E 32nd (south side)

The Merakos Fieldhouse is a collective of social entrepreneurs and creative Vancouverites hosting a variety of projects.

Find anything from yoga mat recycling to weekly drop-in tutoring.

Merakos fuses together traditional community building with innovative problem solving.

Our events

Join us at the fieldhouse for events such as:

  • Photography shows 
  • Salsa nights
  • Community dinners 

While you're visiting, can check out how green products are made, or see the newest ideas emerging from our business incubator program.

Keep up to date on our happenings by popping in for a cup of tea during our opening hours, or visit our blog by selecting 'Read more'.

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Ross Park

Night Hoops

At Ross Park, 7474 Ross St

Night Hoops has been helping at-risk youth in Vancouver since 1996.  

We run a free basketball program to keep kids active and off the streets at night.  

Each year we link hundreds of boys and girls to mentors and coaches who will teach them about basketball and life skills.  

Life skills workshops

Night Hoops also runs life skills workshops for youth in the community.

These workshops tackle various topics, including:

  • Financial tips for avoiding debt and paying taxes
  • Health advice on dieting and avoiding drugs
  • Community information on school and job resources 


Outside of basketball games, Night Hoops runs also events for the youth in our program.

This has included basketball clinics, nights out to watch a basketball, soccer, or baseball game, movie nights, and barbeque picnics. 

Our mission is to encourage healthy life choices for youth through the context a pro-social late night program. 

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Second Beach

Instant Coffee

At Second Beach Fieldhouse, 8901 Stanley Park Dr

Instant Coffee (IC) is a service-oriented collective of artists, curators, and designers based in Vancouver and Toronto.

Their installations, slogans, and branding campaigns invite social gathering and exchange through events, workshops, and informal gatherings.

With a self-aware sense of fun (note their slogan: “Instant Coffee: it doesn't have to be good to be meaningful”), IC plays on their real world namesake, fake coffee, while promoting their utopian belief in inclusiveness.

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Slocan Park

Slocan Park

Vancouver Society of Storytelling (VSOS)

At Slocan Park Fieldhouse, 2750 East 29th Ave

VSOS has a strong history of community engagement, bringing diverse groups of people together through the power of stories, from folktales and fables to personal narratives.

Over their 20+ year history they have worked with First Nations communities, schools, seniors groups, environmental organizations, and others to seek out and celebrate story exchange.

VSOS preserves the ancient art of oral storytelling while embracing opportunities to reach new audiences through community engagement.

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Strathcona Park

Village Vancouver

At Strathcona Park, 857 Malkin Avenue (at Hawks Avenue)

Attend programs, workshops, and events about producing, preserving, and preparing food. Share food and skills, and create collaborative food art with community partners in Strathcona. Create positive local responses to our climate change and food system challenges.

Village Vancouver has a long history of inspiring individuals, neighbourhoods, and organizations to build sustainable communities while having fun.

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