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2013-2015 Artist Collective

Laura Lee Coles, lead artist facilitator for Loco Moto Art

Laura Lee Coles, MA is an arts-based researcher and the founder of LocoMotoArt Collective. She works in performance art, music, installation [both gallery and site-specific] photography and video. Laura is interested in the study of human, technology and nature interaction. She uses independent energy systems for displaying digital arts in natural setting.

Graham A. Brown, multimedia artist

Graham Brown is a multimedia artist with extensive experience in graphic design, broadcast production and education. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art , Graham’s teaching experience includes curriculum development for a wide range of ages. Currently he is involved in app development of Ataraxy software.

Beth Carruthers, artist, curator, author and educator

Beth is an internationally exhibited and collected artist, curator, author and educator whose work for three decades has engaged Culture, Community and Sustainability. She is currently undertaking doctoral research, writing a book, and teaching at Emily Carr University in the Faculty of Culture and Community. 

Merlyn Chipman, video feedback artist

Merlyn Chipman's artwork spans live improvisational audio/video, print and installation art, but he identifies himself as a "video feedback artist." Video feedback is the phenomena, which occurs when a video signal is passed from a video camera to a monitor while the camera and monitor are pointed at each other. Merlyn holds a Diploma in Interactive Design, Information Architecture from Capilano University. 

Patrick Elijah Daggitt, multimedia artist

Patrick is a Vancouver based-artist working predominantly in interactive projection. Exploring the role of the audience in his participatory installations, most works involve cameras, touchpads, or other interactive sensors. Patrick holds an MA from the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver and a BAA in Television Production from Ryerson University. 

Bobbi Kozinuk, media artist

Bobbi l. Kozinuk is media artist, curator and the electronics studio technician at IDS in Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Bobbi has produced radio in Vancouver (CFRO 102.7 FM) and taught electronics for artists at the University of British Columbia, and has exhibited media installation art works both in Canada and internationally.  

Jamie Griffiths, interdisciplinary artist

Jamie Griffiths is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist, film director and performer working with cameras, performance and interactive installations. Jamie designs experimental tools and new media environments, as she digs into humanity’s failings and triumphs. Recent projects have included films and installations in the UK, Canada & Colombia.  

David Leith, multidisciplinary artist

Dave Leith is a multi-disciplinary artist with an extensive background in media, sound art and music, including recording and performing. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Korea, and Sweden. His sound art and music has been performed at festivals and in collaboration with various artist projects.  Leith is currently Senior Instructor at Vancouver Film School. 

Maryam MobiniMaryam Mobini, interaction designer

Maryam Mobini is an interaction designer. She thrives on exploring a variety of materials and embedding technologies to create an immersive artistic experience for the audience. Her interests are wearable technologies, 3D printed object designs, and generative art.

Mark NazemiMark Nazemi, sound designer and installation artist

Mark Nazemi has over 12 years of experience as a sound designer and an installation artist. His interests are creating interactive sound objects, video mapping visuals, and experimenting with sensors.

Sebnem OzpetaSebnem Ozpeta, media artist

Sebnem Ozpeta is a Vancouver-based media artist and videographer/editor. She has studied Graphic Design in Turkey and the Digital Film Program at AI in Vancouver. She has been producing short experimental films and working as an editor/videographer for more than 8 years collaborating with artists, performances, storytellers, dancers.  

Wynne Palmer, multimedia artist

Wynne Palmer is a multimedia artist and curator/producer with a personal practice concerning identity, the philosophy of language, concepts of location, and the connections between humans, technology and nature. Wynne holds a BFA in Visual Art from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and a BFA (Graphic Design/Photography) from University of Alberta. 

Robert Glenn Scharein, media artist

As a former Astrophysicist, Rob is keenly interested in the interplay between Science and Art. He is a developer of high performance graphics software that draws from the beauty of Nature to create engaging interactive art pieces.  His most recent installation was La Wefan Manigua, together with Jamie Griffiths.

  • Visit Robert Glenn Scharein's website

  • Sarah Shamash, media Artist

    Sarah Shamash is a Vancouver-based media artist. She studied film and media arts at Paris 8 in France completing two Master’s degrees. Since the 2000’s, she began exhibiting her work while pursuing her creative production at international artist residencies. Informed by cinema, her research and interdisciplinary-based practice engages socio and psycho geographies through subjective mapping strategies. 

    Phil Thomson, multimedia artist

    Phil Thomson is a Vancouver based listener, composer, and writer/editor. His works have been heard in concert and broadcast in Canada, the US, and abroad and have been integrated with dance performances by Jennifer Clarke Arora, James Gnam, and Sara Coffin. His writings have been published online by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community and in print by Cambridge University Press. Phil Thomson  is currently working as a technical editor for a forthcoming book for Packt Publishing on the sound programming language SuperCollider. 

    Miles Thorogood, interactive art artist

    Miles Thorogood is an educator and doctoral researcher at the School of Interactive Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University, exploring relationships between artificial intelligence, environment, soundscape, and creativity. His works have encompassed sound installation, locative media, and variety of generative a/v. He has published work on mutli-agent systems, artificial life, creative crowd-sourcing, and electronics hacking. 

    Loco Moto residency description

    The collective will develop unique indoor and outdoor arts experiences. LMAC is proposing large-scale digital mosaics, video and sound installations, collage boxes, underwater footage projections, digital storytelling, real-time computer graphics displays and live multi-media performances to be staged across the grounds of the community centre. Digital projections will appear on trees, rocks and other natural surfaces and sounding robots will interact with the movements of people walking through the exhibit. A benefit of the outdoor exhibit is that members of the public walking by will be able to spontaneously attend and participate. Smaller events or shows are proposed that will include the art created by participants during workshops.

    The artistic disciplines of the LocoMotoArt Collective, (LMAC) include: photography, music, sound, video installation, locative media, assemblage, collage, drawing, painting, storytelling, digital narrative, and performance. Combined skills also include expertise in industry standard tools for image and video production, multimedia performance software, coding of custom software, creating interactive and computer generated artworks, digital drawing tools, field and studio sound recording, computer graphics and visual analytics, mapping and data visualization, as well as the use of projectors for installation and theatre lighting.

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    At Vancouver Draw Down, Loco Moto artists Graham Brown and Robert Scharein invited participants to become the tips of virtual pencils and implements, to make giant works of art drawn virtually on the landscape using GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets

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