Make an outdoor mural

Murals adds to the community by:

  • Creating landmarks
  • Demonstrating community identity and pride
  • Declaring a building's purpose
  • Enlivening the area
  • Deterring graffiti and involving youth

Get info on how to manage graffiti vandalism

If you want to create a mural, start by contacting us. If the proposed mural is to be placed:

  • In a Vancouver park or on Park Board property, you must follow the Park Board proposal process
  • Elsewhere in the city, you must follow the City's process, which also includes compliance with both the Zoning- and Sign bylaws

Key considerations

  • Artists involved.
  • Location, scale, and content of the mural.
  • Visual competition of the mural within the visual landscape.
  • Maintenance of the mural.

What is street art?

By City of Vancouver

Street art is legal art developed in public spaces. A mural is a type of street art, and can be a painting or mosaic artwork applied to exterior walls or streets.

  • Wall mural on a building

    By City of Vancouver

    Wall mural at 3200 New Brighton, facilitated by the Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre with City support as part of RestART, a restorative justice through art program for youth.

  • Wall mural on a container

    By City of Vancouver

    Mural on a container wall at 1 Athletes Way, facilitated by Youth Week with the support of the City and Park Board. 

  • Street mural on a road

    By City of Vancouver

    Street mural on the road at 0 E 18th Avenue Street, facilitated by CityStudio with the support of the City.

  • Street mural on the seawall

    By City of Vancouver

    Street mural on a portion of the southeast False Creek seawall at 1800 Spyglass, facilitated by CityStudio with the support of the City. 


Public Art policies and guidelines

Information for artists

Donating public art

 The Park Board is not currently accepting proposals for public art donation. Please check back for updates.


Public Art Committee

The Public Art Committee provides advice and guidance to City council and staff, civic agencies, developers, and citizens on public art matters, including the Public Art Program.

Public Art Review Plan

This report summarizes the findings of the first comprehensive evaluation of the City of Vancouver's Public Art Program since it began in 1991.

Private Development Guidelines and Policies

De-accession guidelines

Procedures have been established for removing art work from public sites under City or Park Board jurisdiction.

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