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A guitar in a Wee Expressions music class at the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

Enjoy music and singing in Vancouver. Take lessons or enjoy a performance in Vancouver's recreation facilities.

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Drop-in music and singing schedules

Find out where you can drop-in to a music or singing class at one of our community centres.

Where to find music and singing performances

Malkin bowl

Malkin Bowl

Malkin Bowl hosts concerts and cultural events in Stanley Park. Find information about performances at Malkin Bowl, or find rental information if you want to hold a performance there.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre seating

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 650 Hamilton St in downtown Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest proscenium theatres with 2,765 seats. Refurbished in 2009, the theatre hosts opera, Broadway, music, presentations, and a broad spectrum of entertainment shows.

Vancouver Playhouse stage and orchestra seats

Vancouver Playhouse

The Vancouver Playhouse at 600 Hamilton St is the city’s prime venue for dance, chamber music, film events, and theatre with 668 seats.

Example of busking in Vancouver

Busking and entertainment

Street entertainment, or busking, is a popular form of public entertainment in Vancouver. Find out what is required to busk in Vancouver streets and parks.

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Find a space for your performance, exhibition, or rehearsal at one of our theatres and community centres.