People parks and dogs: Some people in a park with their golden retriever

People, Parks, and Dogs: A strategy for sharing Vancouver's parks

The Vancouver Park Board wants all residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy their dogs. We are committed to consulting with a diverse range of stakeholders, park users, and the public.

This first round of consultation will inform the development of "People, Parks, and Dogs: A strategy for sharing Vancouver’s parks". In early 2017, we will ask for feedback on preliminary recommendations about the planning, design and management of Vancouver’s parks, beaches and off-leash areas. 

We're developing a comprehensive strategy to guide the planning and design of parks to create beautiful, safe, and engaging spaces for people with and without dogs.

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Background on this project

The Park Board approved the Dog off-leash area guidelines in 2012.

What will be included in the strategy

The comprehensive strategy will:

  • Provide evidence-based policy recommendations
  • Lay the foundation for well-designed off-leash areas
  • Help Vancouver parks meet the needs of a broad range of users
  • Draw on the expertise and experience of staff, park users, experts in animal health and human-animal interaction, stakeholders, and the general public

How do you want to share park space?

We've asked what is important to park use by people and dogs, including safety, maintenance, environment. amenities, location and design, partnerships, education, and enforcement.

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Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • April 2016

    Planning process begins

  • June 2016

    Creation of Advisory Committee

  • September - October 2016

    Round 1 Consultation

    • Online questionnaire
    • Open houses and small group meetings
  • We are here
  • November 2016

    Development of preliminary recommendations

  • Winter 2017

    Round 2 Consultation

  • Spring 2017

    Delivery of the strategy to the Park Board

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