Download a map of Stanley Park

Download a Stanley Park map

Have a look at our maps, and pick one based on what you want to do during your visit to Stanley Park.

Download a printable map of Stanley Park

Printable map of services in Stanley Park

Click the image on the left to view a printable map that fits on a 8½×11-inch sheet of paper.

Use this map to help you find points of interest, washrooms, food, phones, and parking.

Official map and guide

For a more detailed picture of Stanley Park, click on the image on the left to download the official map and guide to Stanley Park.

This map includes landmarks, monuments, walking/cycling and wheelchair trails, washrooms, shuttle bus stops, concessions, businesses, cultural attractions, and much more.

Pick up the free map and guide at the Information Booth in the park, at park attractions, major hotels, car rental offices, and at info outlets such as the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre.

Map of Stanley Park Trails

Map of Stanley Park trails

Explore Stanley Park's seaside and forest trails by foot or by bike.

Click on the image on the left for a map of trails in Stanley Park.

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Tour in and around the park

There are plenty of options to tour Stanley Park.

Take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage, shuttle trolley or bus tour, or explore the Seawall or trails.

Tour Stanley Park

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