The parking lot at Richards and Smithe where the new park will go

New park at Smithe and Richards: in-depth


The Downtown South Public Benefits Strategy  (900 KB) set a target to acquire and develop the 0.8-acre site at Smithe and Richards as park land.

The City of Vancouver purchased the site at the request of the Park Board in 1997.

There’s currently one building on the site that will be demolished in summer 2015. The site will be leased to EasyPark and operated as a parking lot until park construction starts in 2016.


The park's development will be funded through Community Amenity Contributions (CACs).

Timeline and how we'll engage with you

We're developing the park in three phases:

Phases and dates What to expect
Phase 1
Mar – Jun 2015
We’ll seek to understand and analyze the open-space needs of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

As well, we'll host an open house for you to share ideas that will inspire the project consultant and artist.

Phase 2
Jun 2015 – Jan 2016
We’ll design three concepts for the park and seek your feedback on them at a second open house.
Phase 3
Feb 2016 – Fall 2017
We’ll distill your input to determine the preferred concept for the park and present it to you at the final open house.

Then, we’ll complete the technical details and build the park.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll work with a park design focus group and community stakeholder representatives.


  • Phase 1 Report PDF file (51 MB)
    Includes a historical background, community context, site analysis, open space needs assessment, and more