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Arbutus Greenway

The Arbutus Corridor is 42 acres of open space running approximately nine kilometres from Milton Street to 1st Avenue.

In March 2016, we purchased the corridor from Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) for $55 million. Our agreement with CP ensures that residents can continue to use the transportation corridor and greenway as a walking and cycling route. Learn more about the purchase agreement.

When complete, the Arbutus Greenway will let you walk or cycle continuously from Marpole in South Vancouver to False Creek. The greenway will be a great benefit to the people of Vancouver and a major attraction for tourists.

Installation of a temporary asphalt pathway underway

The temporary pathway from Fir Street to 41st Avenue is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2016.

The pathway will eventually extend all the way south from 41st Avenue to Marpole.

Permitted use of the temporary pathway will include walking, cycling, rollerblades, and push scooters. No motorized vehicles or scooters will be allowed.

Pathway installation work will take place during permitted construction hours

 Please use caution near construction areas, obey all signage, and use extra caution when crossing roadways. 

Impact to community gardens and trees

The Park Board took steps in March 2015 to save trees before the planned CP Rail reclamation of the old rail bed along the Arbutus Corridor began.

Park Board crews relocated trees in good condition to existing parks and new homes. The majority of the larger trees were transplanted to the McCleery Golf Course greenway.

There are approximately 300 permitted garden plots on City-owned land that are part of our Community Garden Program near the existing rail line. ‚ÄčIn the short term, there will be no changes impacting community gardens. 

 Permitted gardens must be maintained within their existing footprint and must not encroach onto neighbouring land. For your safety, continue to respect the land boundaries that were confirmed with CP in 2014.


Background and history of the Arbutus Corridor; including details of the agreement between CP and the City.

Get involved

Our project office is expected to be fully staffed and operational by the end of summer 2016.

During the summer, we intend to hold informal information sessions along the Arbutus Corridor, with more formal public consultation on the plans for the new greenway to begin in the fall.

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