Arbutus Greenway

The Arbutus Greenway will be a defining element of Vancouver’s urban landscape as a vibrant and beautiful public space for walking, cycling, and streetcar.

The Arbutus Greenway is a future, north-south transportation corridor that will connect people, parks, and places from False Creek to the Fraser River.

It will reimagine a historic rail corridor and will provide a high-quality, accessible public space for walking, cycling, and rolling. It will be a destination that fosters both movement and rich social interaction – inspired by nature and the stories of the places it connects.

While the future Arbutus Greenway is being planned and designed, a temporary path has been constructed to give people the opportunity to enjoy the space and explore the corridor.

Come explore the Arbutus Greenway!


Arbutus Greenway Design Jam

The Design Jam will be held between October 27 and 29. Come say hi, chat with the project team, and see our emerging designs at the open houses.

Learn more and attend an open house

Help plan the greenway

Learn about our objectives and plan for the greenway. Participate in events and provide feedback as we develop design options.


Explore the greenway and discover parks, neighbourhoods, and scenic views. There’s something for everyone.

In depth

Find related documents and background information.

Navigate the greenway

Download a printable map and view the greenway's cycling and transit connections, parks, commercial districts, community gardens, museums, and more.

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