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Cycling routes, maps, and trip planner

Use our Bicycle Route Map and Guide to explore our extensive network of bike routes

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around town, and to experience our unforgettable scenery, is by bike.

You can ride your bike on almost all Vancouver streets, and the City has an extensive network of designated bike routes to help you get around.

The City's updated Transportation Plan will set the bar even higher for making bike routes even more comfortable and convenient for people of all ages and abilities.

Map your bike travel

All bike routes in the City are detailed on our cycling map, updated annually to include all the new City bikeways and greenways.

The map uses different line styles to point out the separated bike lanes from other types. Bicycle traffic signs used in the City are explained as well.

By download

Get your own copy of the map to print out, or carry on your mobile device.

Download the City of Vancouver Cycling map ( 1.3 MB).

In person

Pick up a copy of the map at the City Hall information desk, and at libraries, community centres, biking events, and some bicycle stores in Vancouver.

Trip planning by bicycle

Separated bike lanes

Separated bicycle lanes

Find out about Vancouver's separated bike lanes – how they work, where they are, and how often they get used.

A bike corral made up of a group of U-shap bike racks

Bicycle parking and air pumps

We install bike parking in commercial areas to support cycling and businesses. To request bike parking at a location, phone 3-1-1. Learn about our types of bike parking and use our public bike pump.

Friendly bike valet service provides free bike parking at events

Secure bicycle parking at events

Find out how to set up and use a secure bicycle parking service to encourage concert-goers, sports fans, and others to ride their bike to festivals and community events.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

Outside Vancouver:

Speak your own language

When should you call 9-1-1? Click to find out       Deaf? Have difficulty speaking? Click to learn how to make a TTY call

More ways to contact us

Contact the Bicycle Hotline


Biking around Vancouver

TransLink Cycling maps

If you ride your bike into or out of Vancouver, look into the maps maintained by TransLink, the regional transportation agency that operates Vancouver's transit system.

Experience nature

Greenways for walking and cycling

The City designs and builds safe, nature-rich paths that encourage you to explore Vancouver without using your car through the Greenways program.

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Separated bicycle lanesBicycle parking and air pumpsSecure bicycle parking at events