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Get involved - Help us create a vision for the Arbutus Greenway

Consultation summary report

From January 18 through February 15, 2017, we invited the public to share their vision and to identify values for the future Arbutus Greenway.

Find out what we heard in our consultation summary report PDF file (1.5 MB)

Upcoming opportunities for your input

  • Help us identify and evaluate several design concepts.
  • Review and refine the preferred design option.
  • Get an update on the final master design.

The Arbutus Greenway will be a destination for people from all over Vancouver, and we want your help.  Participate in events, online surveys, and provide feedback as we develop a vision for the future Arbutus Greenway.

Throughout the planning process, we will keep you informed, listen to public aspirations and concerns, and provide feedback on how public input influenced design decisions.

How would you like to use the greenway? 

In addition, to high-quality infrastructure for walking, cycling, and other modes of non-motorized transportation, what would attract you to it the most?

During this initial phase of planning, we want to:

  • Hear your vision for the future Arbutus Greenway
  • Understand which values are important to you

Where we are

The project is currently in the initial stage of planning.


    Temporary path


    Visioning (WE ARE HERE)


    Design options


    Preferred design option


    Detailed design



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