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Traffic control for road construction

Road barricades around a construction site

All construction projects on or next to Vancouver streets, sidewalks and lanes are required to design, apply, install and maintain traffic control through work zones.

Traffic control standards are set by the BC Ministry of Transportation, monitored by the City, and enforced by WorkSafe BC. Private contractors, utility companies and our City construction crews must meet these standards.

Before your project begins

Get your business licence and permit

You must have a valid business licence in Vancouver, and have a permit for your construction project.

Submit a traffic management plan

Submit a traffic management plan that is consistent with the Ministry of Transportation's Traffic Control Manual to the City. Our engineers will tell you if you need to post signs in advance that notify the public when construction will be taking place.

Post signs

Large-scale, long-term projects must post signs on major streets before the worksite begins, to notify the public of any lengthy delays and the expected project completion date. This gives commuters the opportunity to alter their routes to avoid construction. Work is often scheduled around peak travel times – morning and afternoon rush hours – to minimize the impact to the public.

Detours are only provided for a full road closure.

When your project starts

If work begins and traffic control measures do not meet safety standards, WorkSafe BC or our engineers can issue fines or order work stoppages, with the possibility of future applications being denied.

Make construction bins visible

Under Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849, all construction bins (roll-offs), containers and construction trailers must be properly marked with approved reflective tape or traffic control devices. Marking bins helps make bins as visible as possible to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, especially at night.

Minimize delays

Under the Street and Traffic Bylaw, construction sites must manage their use of the street for activities such as deliveries and concrete pours to improve safety, and minimize traffic delays.

Know the noise restrictions

The Noise Control Bylaw sets guidelines, including hours that construction can take place, and conditions under which you can apply for a noise bylaw exception permit.

Prepare before your project begins

Commercial licences and permits

Get information on and apply for a business licence and/or permit, including wedding permits, entertainment permits, and more.

Permits and regulations

Permits and regulations for building and renovating play an important role in supporting life safety and neighbourhood compatibility. Learn more here.

Know the relevant bylaws

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.

Noise Control Bylaw

Regulates noise or sound within the City of Vancouver.

Reserve parking

A temporary special zone permit allows you to reserve metered or restricted parking spaces for:

  • Construction
  • Moving trucks
  • Deliveries
  • Service work