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Fire truck on a street in Yaletown

Yaletown emergency services access

In the case of an emergency in Yaletown, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) do not have room for emergency vehicles to access the street, or set up their ladders and stabilizers. The streets with limited access are:

  • Mainland St, between Nelson St and Davie St
  • Hamilton St, between Nelson St and Drake St

We are removing all angled parking stalls and replacing them with parallel parking spaces, taxi stands, and other uses that allow space for emergency equipment.

The change will result in the loss of approximately 15 metered parking spaces per block. We are looking for opportunities to add as much parking as possible in nearby off-street lots or on nearby streets.

We will continue to monitor how street parking, parking lots, loading zones, and taxi stands are used in the area and will work with stakeholders to ensure good access to the neighbourhood is maintained.

The new parking changes will be implemented in early 2018.


What's happening

Information session

Learn more about the changes at our information session on February 22. City staff will be available to discuss the changes and answer questions.

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