Fire trucks attending on scene with fire fighters huddling together

22 Fire calls for Firefighters in 24 hours

November 29 2023 –

From November 28 to November 29, 2023, Vancouver Firefighters responded to 22 fire calls in the City. 

Unfortunately, there were 2 injuries reported as a result. One individual at the 300 block of E Broadway Street sustained 14% burns and a separate event at the 400 block of Reid Street where an individual had burns to their hands.

Of the 22 fires:

  • 7 of the calls were to SRO buildings involving smoking, lighters, e-bike rechargeable batteries and cooking. 
  • 9 fires where rubbish was intentionally set on fire
  • 4 dumpsters intentionally set on fire

Within that 24 hour period a fire crew in the East end of the city also provided medical aid to an imminent birth. Both patients were transported to hospital in good condition.