Fire trucks attending on scene with fire fighters huddling together

3rd Alarm Fire - 500 Block Richards Street

June 20 2023 –

At 12:46am, firefighters received multiple calls of a tent encampment on fire on the 500 Block of Richards Street. Fire was seen upon arrival consisting of combustible storage and tent material approximately 200 square feet in size. Multiple small explosions were heard from callers and firefighters from propane and butane containers. The fire was upgraded to a 3rd alarm response consisting of 17 fire apparatus due to the fire size and access into the area.  

The fire was knocked down and contained due to the hard work of firefighters and their ability to get on scene quickly. While smoke spread into nearby buildings, but no fire extended inside. No injuries have been reported as a result of the fire. 

Fire was accidentally caused by smoker’s material inside of the tent structure.