Exterior facade and sign of the Balmoral Hotel
The Balmoral Hotel sign was removed on June 26, 2022, in advance of the forthcoming demolition.

Balmoral Hotel demolition update

November 1 2022 –

In response to the Chief Building Official’s demolition order, we have been planning and preparing for the demolition of the Balmoral Hotel.

We are moving forward with a phased demolition approach, including abatement, demolition, and site improvements (for example, sidewalks) at the start of November. Given the age, complexity, and condition of the building, demolition will take approximately 10 to 12 months to complete, with a targeted date of late fall 2023. 

We recognize that the Balmoral was a site of harm and trauma to many and that the demolition of this building will have emotional impact on former residents and their families, friends, and community. We are reaching out to community to seek guidance and involvement in providing respectful, healing, and culturally appropriate support and ceremony for community through the building demolition and redevelopment process.

Guided by advice from community, we will make every effort possible to reduce impacts on the community, businesses, residents, and visitors throughout the demolition process.

Demolition phases

Phase 1: Abatement

Late 2022 to spring 2023

Removal of general waste materials from the building followed by site mobilization and hazardous building materials (HBM) abatement. Demolition activities will intensify towards the end of 2022 as mobilization and abatement activities commence. Expect demolition hoardings and traffic management measures. 

Phase 2: Demolition

Early 2023 to late 2023

Demolition begins systematically and sequentially. Expect traffic management measures and minor delays while travelling through the area. 

Phase 3: Interim uses pending redevelopment  

Late 2023

Post-demolition, the site will be infilled and capped with asphalt to support interim servicing and community uses. 

Next steps

Throughout the demolition process, we will continuously assess the site and building conditions and will adjust the demolition process and timing to account for any unforeseen circumstances, changes, or new developments. 

As the demolition is underway, we will consult with community on the activation of the vacant site until it is redeveloped to create new social housing in partnership with BC Housing.

163 East Hastings and 169 East Hastings

Unrelated to this project, a recent fire further destabilized two aging buildings at 163 East Hastings and 169 East Hastings. As a result, orders have been issued by our Chief Building Official for the demolition of these two buildings which will begin within the next seven to ten days.

163 and 169 East Hastings had already been impacted by fires in July, and we are now taking immediate measures to address the unsafe condition of both buildings.