A man and a woman riding Lime e-scooters on the seawall

City selects Lime Technology Inc. for Vancouver’s shared e-scooter system

July 10 2024 –

Today Vancouver City Council approved the selection of Lime Technology Inc. (“Lime”) as the successful vendor to operate a new shared e-scooter system in Vancouver, anticipated to launch in late summer 2024. This decision follows a rigorous evaluation process in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued on November 15, 2023.  

The first phase of Lime’s shared e-scooter system and docking stations will launch in the Hastings-Sunrise and Grandview Woodland neighbourhoods. Throughout 2024 and 2025 the service area will expand westward towards downtown and, in time, grow into a city-wide system.  

The agreement with Lime is set for an initial term of five years, with the option for three additional five-year extensions, for a potential total term of 20 years. 

“Vancouver is committed to more accessible and sustainable transportation options, so adding e-scooters just makes sense! We’re thrilled to welcome Lime to our city,” says Mayor Ken Sim. “This is a big move towards achieving our Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP), aiming for two-thirds of trips in Vancouver to be by walking, biking, or transit by 2030. By integrating lessons learned from other cities, Lime’s Vancouver-made system will feature docking stations to keep our streets and sidewalks tidy.”   

Shared e-scooters offer users a convenient, eco-friendly transportation option, connecting users to transit hubs and supporting sustainable commuting practices. Lime’s shared e-scooter system will join Vancouver’s existing shared mobility network, which includes Mobi by Rogers bike share which has successfully operated in Vancouver since 2016.  

The shared e-scooter system will be cost-neutral to the City, with no financial contribution required from the City to the operator during the contract period. Lime will be responsible for designing, implementing, owning, operating, maintaining, and managing the system, ensuring it is accessible and reliable for Vancouver residents and visitors alike. 


Safety remains the City’s top priority. The City and Lime will be working closely to create a safe system and environment, which will include the creation of slow and no-ride zones, sidewalk detection, a “training” mode, helmet selfies, sobriety testing and education through a safe ride program and community outreach.

The City will amplify Lime’s outreach and campaigns to extend the reach of their education initiatives. In addition, earlier this summer, the City launched its first e-mobility education campaign to encourage safe, considerate and enjoyable riding in Vancouver for all.  

Equity and Accessibility

The shared e-scooter system will focus on reducing barriers for equity-denied communities, making transportation more accessible and affordable for all. The system is expected to create local living wage jobs and include an equity program to ensure a wide range of the public can benefit from this service.

Next Steps

City staff will proceed with negotiating a final agreement with Lime. The City of Vancouver is excited to embark on this partnership with Lime, working together to support a sustainable, successful business model for shared e-scooters in Vancouver. 
For more information visit, vancouver.ca/shared-e-scooter-system.