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Final cleanup process shared for CRAB Park

March 18 2024 –

After three weeks of consultation and process discussions, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the City of Vancouver have shared the Confirmed Plan for the upcoming cleanup and compliance work at the CRAB Park Designated Area with those sheltering there.

As previously noted, there are significant amounts of debris and garbage, non-compliant materials, propane tanks, rats, needles, and feces that have accumulated in and around the General Manager’s Designated Area for daytime sheltering in CRAB Park. There are also many large structures that are non-compliant with the Park Control By-law and guidelines.

Feedback from those sheltering in CRAB Park, as well as from advocates and community organizations, has been reviewed and considered in the creation of the Confirmed Plan, with feedback being incorporated as feasible. The cleanup and compliance process are now underway to ensure that those sheltering in the park have a cleaner and safer Designated Area and are better positioned to meet health and safety standards going forward.

To safely carry out the cleanup, the confirmed cleanup and compliance plan will be as follows:  

  • Starting today, people sheltering in the Designated Area of CRAB Park will be required to relocate to a nearby Temporary Sheltering Area within the park by end of day on March 24 for work to begin on March 25. A variety of services will be available to support people to relocate and for those who may be experiencing stress during this time. Once everyone has safely relocated, staff will fence off the General Manager’s Designated Area.
  • Beginning on March 25, the Designated Area will become an active work zone for a one-week period as City staff use mobile equipment to remove large structures and debris and to repair the area.
  • After the Designated Area has been repaired, staff will support people sheltering in the park to return to the Area beginning in early April according to established By-law requirements, GM Notice requirements, and operational and safety guidelines. 
  • Only those that have been sheltering in the CRAB Park Designated Area will be supported to move back in to ensure they are prioritized for the limited space. Fencing will remain up in some areas longer term to allow for repair of the site. 

The City of Vancouver’s Homelessness Services Outreach team continues to connect with people sheltering outdoors and supporting them to access income, support services and housing and shelter spaces as they become available. 

If people sheltering in CRAB Park have ongoing concerns with this clean-up, there are several ways they can share feedback:

  • Park Rangers visit CRAB Park three times per day.
  • Call 3-1-1 at any time.
  • Management staff from the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation are onsite Thursdays at 1pm.

This is not a decampment. This is a response to a health and safety, including non-compliant and unsafe structures in the General Manager’s Daytime Area of CRAB Park. The safety of those sheltering in the park, our staff, and the public remain our priority, and we are committed to working with the community to address issues that impact the health and safety of those sheltering in the park.

To read the complete plan, access photos and revisit materials from the March 12 technical briefing on CRAB Park, visit:

Download the CRAB Park Designated Area Clean-up and Compliance: Confirmed Plan here  (23.6 MB)