A worker replaces a burnt out street light

Have you reported a street lamp outage lately?

I’d like to thank the residents who regularly report street lighting issues. You are making our city safer.

Eric Mital, Streets Director

February 3 2022 –

Lighting helps make our streets safer for everyone, so it’s important all of the city’s 55,000 street lamps are in good working order and shining brightly. But broken street lights are a fact of life.

Burnt out bulbs or electrical issues may be quickly and easily fixed once our electrical team knows where the issue is.

We’re fortunate that hundreds of Vancouver residents already report when a roadway or decorative light is burnt out, dim, cycling on or off, or constantly on during the day. But we know we’re not hearing about all of them and are asking residents to take a moment and file a report with us.

How to report street light issues

  1. Download our free VanConnect app. Reporting with VanConnect is the fastest and easiest way to get a broken light repaired.
  2. Use our online self-service portal.

What to note when making a report

  • Location
  • Issue (cycling on and off, dim, light out, continuously burning, making noise, unsafe)
  • Number of lights out
  • Pole number if available (example: 14/26 or 2/04)

Our LED light future

Starting this spring, we will begin a four-year process to replace 44,000 old, energy-inefficient, high pressure sodium (HPS) roadway lights bulbs with LED lighting as part of our Outdoor Lighting Strategy.

LED lighting, which has already been installed at more than 150 signalized intersections to date, has many benefits, including:

  • Energy savings
  • CO2 reductions
  • Improved safety
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Reduced light pollution

As we begin to replace the old lights with the more energy efficient LED bulbs, we will be instantly alerted to an outage thanks to smart technology that connects each LED bulb to a central monitoring system. Until then, we will continue to rely on residents to help report outages.


Eric Mital, Streets Director

“To ensure we can enjoy our streets when the sun goes down, it’s important that all of our street lights are in working order,” says Eric Mital, Streets Director. “I’d like to thank the residents who regularly report street lighting issues. You are making our city safer. I also encourage others who’ve never filed a report to let us know when a light isn’t working on their block, in their neighbourhood, or anywhere they see one in the city.”