Make your vote count

Top tips to ensure you're not puzzled by the ballot

Mural with caption: Vancouver votes
October 12 2018 –

Have you voted yet?

Vancouver voters have just over a week left to cast their vote for the new mayor, City councillors, Park Board commissioners, and school trustees.

Follow our tips to help ensure you have your say in the 2018 election.

1. Plan your vote

With 158 candidates listed on the random order ballot, it's more important than ever to be prepared.

Use our Plan Your Vote website to read up on the candidates and Capital Plan borrowing questions, and build a plan to help you easily cast your vote.

Email or print your plan, with your chosen candidates shown in the order you'll find them on your ballot.

Plan Your Vote now

2. Practice voting (with the help of some caffeine)

To help get you into the voting mindset, we launched a special #VancouverVotes coffee competition.

Seven Vancouver coffee shops are offering a Vancouver-inspired drink until October 20.

Refine your voting technique, coffee-lovers, by choosing your favourite online and get a chance to win gift cards and election prize packs.

3. Avoid lineups 

This year, there are more voting places and advance voting opportunities than ever before. Eight days of advance voting has already begun and runs until 8pm on October 17 at 12 locations across the city.

We are also providing advance voting opportunities at 90 facilities  (103 KB), including hospitals, shelters, care facilities, and social service drop-in centres.

You can vote on October 20 at any of the 100-plus voting places across the city, open from 8am to 8pm.

4. Know what you need 

If you received your voter information card in the mail, take it with you as this will speed up your voting experience.

Don't worry if you haven't received your voter information card, you can still vote.


If you are not registered to vote, you will need to take along two physical identification documents to prove who you are and where you live.

One of these two documents must include your signature. 

If you only have one identification document or do not have a fixed address, you can still vote. Just speak to the Presiding Election Official when you arrive.

5. Tell your friends (and your kids) 

If someone under 18 is coming to the voting place with you, they can take part in the Kids Vote.

Kids Vote is a new program for the next generation of voters to vote on issues that are relevant to them.

Promote the vote on social media

Once you have voted, let people know by snapping a photo with your I Voted sticker at the voting place selfie station.

Add "I'm voting" to your Facebook external website and Twitter  profile photos. 

Showcase your involvement and help raise awareness of the election!

Vote until 8pm on October 20

Voting closes at 8pm on Saturday, October 20.

Unofficial results will be announced later that evening.