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Vancouver Aquarium Pool

Feb 19Court rules Vancouver Park Board has authority to ban cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium

On Feburary 19, 2019, the BC Court of Appeal rules that the Vancouver Park Board has the authority to ban cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium.

Heart shaped bike rack

Feb 13Diversity tops the list of what locals love most about Vancouver

Vancouver residents have been sharing what they love about the city and it's not just the mountain views that set people's hearts racing.

Street cleaning workers group photo

Feb 13Seven non-profit organizations awarded street cleaning grants

Vancouver City Council has approved funding for seven local non-profit organizations as part of the City’s annual Street Cleaning Grant Program.

City garbage collection crew

Feb 13Green bin collection temporarily suspended

Green Bin collection is suspended for the remainder of the week.


Feb 12City makes significant improvement to permit wait times in several areas

Measures to speed up the permitting of new housing, trades, and development are showing significant results.

A door handle and key with keychain in the lock

Feb 11Late declarations now open for City of Vancouver Empty Homes Tax

Residential property owners who missed making their Empty Homes Tax declaration by the February 4 deadline can now make a late declaration.

Checking blood pressure

Feb 07Overdose crisis continues to devastate lives in Vancouver

In 2018, 382 people died from an overdose in the city compared with 376 people in 2017, data released by the BC Coroners Service shows.

Empty room

Feb 06More Vancouver homes occupied, initial 2018 Empty Homes Tax statistics show

The number of Vancouver properties declared vacant in 2018 under the Empty Homes Tax program has gone down 15% from 2017.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart (left) and Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum (right) in front of an ELA autonomous shuttle

Feb 04Experience a driverless shuttle in your community

Wondering what it’s like to ride in an autonomous vehicle? Be one of the first people to experience a driverless shuttle ride.

Beds in a temporary shelter

Feb 03City opens warming centres as temperatures drop

In response to extreme cold weather, the City of Vancouver is opening warming centres from Sunday, February 3 to Wednesday, February 6.

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