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Official order of candidates’ names now available for the 2022 Vancouver Election ballot

September 16 2022 –

The official candidates’ names to be listed on the 2022 Vancouver Election ballot is now available. Vancouver Election Office staff conducted a draw tonight to determine the order of names on the ballot, in accordance with section 79 of the Vancouver Charter.

As in 2018, candidates’ names will not be listed alphabetically on the ballot, but in random order to ensure an equal playing field for candidates. This election, there will be a number beside each candidate’s name to make it easier for voters to remember the order when planning their vote. 

Candidate list

The official candidate list will be the same on every ballot. All reside in Vancouver unless otherwise stated.

Candidates for mayor

(One to be elected)

50 SHOTTHA, Satwant
51 STEWART, Kennedy (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
52 POPAT, Imtiaz
53 HARDWICK, Colleen (TEAM)
54 BROWN, Leona
55 RAUNET, Françoise
56 VILLEGAS, Lewis
57 CHAN, Ping
58 HARDING, Fred 傅爱德 (NPA)
59 HANSEN, Mike
61 BUDAY, Gölök Z
62 TETI, Dante
63 SIM, Ken (ABC Vancouver)
64 MARISSEN, Mark (Progress Vancouver)

Candidates for councillor

(Ten to be elected)

100 NARDI, Sean (TEAM)
102 HAYER, Asha (Progress Vancouver)
103 MONTAGUE, Brian (ABC Vancouver) North Vancouver
104 ANDERSON, Dulcy (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
105 TRUONG, Tesicca 張慈櫻,Trương Từ Anh (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
106 DENOFRIO, Dominic
108 ORR, Sean (VOTE Socialist)
109 MACKINNON, Stuart (Vision Vancouver)
110 VARGAS, Lina
111 SINGH, Alvin (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
112 BONAMIS, Iona 陶思穎 (OneCity)
113 KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (ABC Vancouver)
114 WIEBE, Michael (GREEN)
115 FOX, Amy "Evil Genius"
116 DE GENOVA, Melissa 鄭慧蘭 (NPA)
117 HE, May (Progress Vancouver)
118 WEBKING, Tanya (COPE)
119 ZHOU, Lenny (ABC Vancouver)
120 PEACOCK, Amie
121 OGER, Morgane (Progress Vancouver)
122 CARR, Adriane (GREEN)
123 FRANSON, Marlo
124 ALM, K R
125 NORRIS, Matthew (OneCity)
126 MEISZNER, Peter (ABC Vancouver)
127 BROWN, Cleta (TEAM)
128 SINGH, Devyani (GREEN)
129 BOLDT, Lesli (Vision Vancouver)
130 REDMOND, Eric (Affordable Housing Coalition)
131 DOMINATO, Lisa (ABC Vancouver)
132 KLASSEN, Mike (ABC Vancouver)
133 BOWEN, Mark
134 BHAYANI, Cinnamon 芯娜萌 雅妮(NPA)
135 ROBERTS, Stephen P (TEAM)
136 SWANSON, Jean (COPE)
137 CROMWELL, Ian (OneCity)
138 CHARKO, Ken 肯·查克 (NPA)
139 BOYLE, Christine (OneCity)
140 PHILBERT, Kyra
141 SMITH, Stephanie (GREEN)
142 FRANCIS, Mauro (Progress Vancouver)
143 QUAN, Grace (TEAM)
144 NIJJAR, Param (TEAM)
145 ALLAN, Elaine 伊艾倫 (NPA)
146 ASHE, Jeanette (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
148 BLIGH, Rebecca (ABC Vancouver)
149 BROWN, Hilary (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
150 ZARRABIAN, Arezo 蘇勵安 (NPA)
151 FRY, Pete (GREEN)
152 LÝ, Tim
153 MACKENZIE, Jeremy
154 BARZEGARI, Honieh هانیه برزگری (Vision Vancouver)
155 WVONG, Russil (Forward with Kennedy Stewart)
156 CHIN, David (Progress Vancouver)
157 ROSA, Marie Noelle (Progress Vancouver)
158 LEE, Morning 李會民 (NPA)

Candidates for Park Board commissioner

(Seven to be elected)

200 JENSEN, Scott (ABC Vancouver)
203 DIGBY, Tom (GREEN)
204 FRENKEL, Carla (Vision Vancouver)
205 UPTON, Jason (NPA) UBC
206 PINOCHET-ESCUDERO, Andrea (VOTE Socialist)
208 BARKER, Tricia (TEAM)
209 STOCKWELL, Caitlin (OneCity)
210 HOWARD, Marie-Claire (ABC Vancouver)
211 RollerGirl
212 IRWIN, John (Vision Vancouver)
213 JACKSON, Serena (OneCity)
214 CHRISTENSEN, Laura (ABC Vancouver)
215 RILEY, Tricia (GREEN)
216 VIRDI, Jas (ABC Vancouver)
217 HASSAN, Maira (COPE) UBC
218 MENARD, Liam Murphy
219 SEPTEMBER, Dehara (NPA)
220 ZARUDINA, Olga (NPA)
221 KIMURA, Kumi (TEAM) Richmond
222 LARSEN, Kathleen (TEAM)
223 MOLLINEAUX, Michelle (TEAM)
224 PASIN, Dave 戴夫·帕辛 (NPA)
225 BUCKSHON, James (TEAM)
226 RIVERS, Tiyaltelut Kristen (OneCity) West Vancouver
227 AUDLEY, Patrick (TEAM)
228 BASTYOVANSZKY, Brennan (ABC Vancouver)
229 HAER, Angela Kate (ABC Vancouver)
230 SMITH, Tracy D
231 CRAIG, Steven

Candidates for school trustee

(Nine to be elected)

300 RICHARDSON, Christopher JK (ABC Vancouver)
301 FEDORA, Aaron (NPA)
303 THOMSON, Hilary (Vision Vancouver)
304 MAH, Suzie 馬陳小珠 (COPE)
305 TENGCO, Amanda
306 LEUNG, Aaron (Vision Vancouver)
307 ZEIDLER, Karina (VOTE Socialist)
308 HOPKINS, Heming
309 LITZCKE, Karin
310 TRIGUEROS, Rocco (COPE) Burnaby
311 AGGARWAL, Rahul 羅家衛 (NPA)
312 MCARTHUR, Kera (Vision Vancouver)
313 CHIEN, Alfred (ABC Vancouver)
314 FARIDKOT, Preeti (ABC Vancouver)
315 FRASER, Janet (GREEN)
316 JUNG, Victoria (ABC Vancouver)
317 SIGURDSON, Krista (OneCity)
318 EPSTEIN, Kyla (OneCity)
319 VAUGHAN, Ashley (NPA)
320 REDDY, Jennifer (OneCity)
321 GOODINE, Nadine C (NPA)
322 SOMERS, Gavin (OneCity)
323 BROWN, Rory (OneCity)
324 LEVINE, Zelda
325 KLJAJIC, Milan 夏•米男 (NPA)
326 CARDWELL, Steve (Vision Vancouver)
328 ZHANG, Josh (ABC Vancouver)
329 WONG, Allan 黃偉倫 (Vision Vancouver)
330 ALAM, Matiul (TEAM)

Get to know the candidates list and plan your vote

Voters are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the candidates list and share with fellow voters so as many people as possible are prepared to vote with confidence. The list is available:

  • Online
  • In the printed Vancouver is Awesome
  • In the printed Voters’ Guide available at Vancouver community centres and libraries starting on Thursday, September 29 

A Plan Your Vote online tool will be available starting Thursday, September 22 to help voters pick candidates, remember answers to the Capital Plan borrowing questions, and choose a convenient day and place to vote. Voters can also use the Plan Your Vote worksheet in the printed Voters’ Guide that shows the names in official ballot order. 

When and where to vote

Voters have three options to vote in this election:  

  • Advance voting at any of 22 voting places open from 8am to 8pm on:
    • Saturday, October 1
    • Wednesday, October 5
    • Saturday, October 8
    • Tuesday, October 11
    • Thursday, October 13
  • Election Day – vote from any of 82 voting places on October 15 from 8am to 8pm
  • By mailRequest a vote by mail package online, or call 3-1-1. The last day to request a vote by mail package to be mailed to you is on September 29. After this date, you can request until October 11 to pick up your vote by mail package.

Voters are strongly encouraged to vote in advance or by mail, to allow more time to navigate the random order list on the ballot. Advance voting opportunities tend to have shorter line-ups. 

Why a random ballot draw?

Research has shown many voters are more likely to vote for those listed first on a ballot. Candidates at the top of an alphabetical list are perceived to have an advantage over those lower down.

Find more Vancouver Election information online, or call 3-1-1. Most election information has been translated to Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean, Farsi, French, and Japanese. Voting information is also available in braille and American Sign Language.