The road and bike lane going through Stanley Park

Update on removal of Stanley Park’s temporary bike lane

June 1 2023 –

The majority of Stanley Park’s temporary bike lane has now been removed, following direction from the Vancouver Park Board (226 KB) to return Stanley Park Drive to pre-pandemic traffic flow and conditions, with added safety measures.

Park Board and City Engineering crews have completed the removal of barriers and existing line markings along Park Drive and repainted new lines to mark out the returning lane configuration.

The majority of Park Drive will now accommodate two lanes of vehicle traffic, and bikes and cars will no longer be physically separated. 

Signage is in place to indicate the changes in traffic direction, and some minor tweaks will be made over the coming weeks to support efficient travel through the park.

Whether driving, cycling or rolling through the park, all users should be courteous towards one another and maintain a safe and respectful distance. The seawall is recommended for those seeking slower rolls through the park.

All drivers and cyclists are reminded that there is a strict 30 km/h speed limit in place throughout Stanley Park. Park Board staff will work with the Vancouver Police Department on public education and enforcement of the speed limit within the park.

Next steps

The next stage of the bike lane removal, in the Ceperley Meadow area, is more complex and will require further design and implementation work from the Second Beach parking lot entrance to the intersection at Beach Avenue and Park Lane. 

This exit into the West End requires the support of an external contractor due to the sophisticated design components needed to ensure that vehicle and bike traffic can safely co-exist when the temporary bike lane is removed, with the Beach Avenue cycle lane remaining in place.

Staff have initiated this work and further information will be communicated in due course.

Staff will also report back to the Board with an update in response to the Board’s motion for a dedicated bike lane proposal, along with an update on the Stanley Park Mobility Study.  


The temporary bike lane was installed along the 8.5 km length of Park Drive in two phases during the spring and summer of 2021. Phase 1 included temporary features including traffic cones and signage, designed to separate cyclists and vehicles where there was not an adjacent seawall route. 

Phase 2 took place in late July 2021 and saw the installation of concrete barriers, traffic delineators, asphalt paving, line painting and custom signage for the eastern side as well as upgrades to the Prospect Point Café parking lot, the parking lot area near the Teahouse, the angled parking at Second Beach, and Park Drive in Ceperley Meadow.

On February 13, 2023, the Vancouver Park Board directed staff to remove much of the temporary bike lane in Stanley Park in May of 2023 and return the pre-COVID-19 traffic flow and conditions on Park Drive with added safety measures.