Fire trucks attending on scene with fire fighters huddling together

VFRS Long Weekend Response

April 2 2024 –

From Thursday, March 28th to Monday, April 1st 2024, Vancouver Firefighters responded to 1,014 calls for help over a busy long weekend.

Included in the calls were 43 fire calls across the city. Of the 43 fire calls, 8 were located in SRO buildings, 2 were residential high-rise fires, 1 fire at UBC and 17 were exterior fires; many of which were intentionally set rubbish fires, dumpster fires, and garbage can fires.

Fire at UBC- 4500 Block of Westbook Mall

Firefighters were called at 1:21pm to the 4500 Block of Westbrook mall for reports of a fire in a lab. Crews encountered heavy smoke on the 1st floor in a lab. Crews extinguished the fire and no injuries were reported on site. Fire investigator attended for cause and origin.

Residential High Rise Fire- 700 Block Richards Street

Firefighters were called at 2:07pm to the 700 Block of Richards to a residential high rise with white smoke coming from an upper balcony. Fire was controlled and extinguished by the sprinkler system in the unit. 1 person was transported to the hospital with burns to their hands and smoke inhalation. Crews on scene indicate up to 6 tenants displaced due to water in their suite. ESS advised.

Residential High Rise Fire- 800 Block Homer Street

Firefighters were called at 4:00pm for a fire in a unit in a high rise residential building. Crews made entry and extinguished a fire. No reports of injuries. The fire was accidental, caused by a stove.

Violent Incidents

VFRS Firefighters responded to 3 violent incidents with VPD, including a shooting at Richards and Robson Street Saturday at 5:43pm.

After members of VPD secured the scene, 4 firefighters found 2 dogs that had been shot. Fire crews provided first aid and dressed the wounds of the two Pitbull Terriers on scene. They assisted getting the dogs into transport arranged by VPD members on scene. There is no further information about the condition of the dogs.