Unverified tender results

These tender results are unverified and were posted prior to determining compliancy or completing any evaluation process. Each response is subject to a review and evaluation in accordance with the criteria stated in the competitive bid documents. Conclusions should not be drawn from this information about the final ranking of the tenders. 

After the closing time, we will:

  • Open the tenders
  • Post the company names and total or lump sum price for each tender that has been received up to the closing time

 The final price and ranking of the tenders may change due to the inclusion or exclusion of provisional items.

Results will be posted after September 15, 2016.



Solicitation # Description Document
PS20170482 Re-roofing services for Grandview Terrace Childcare Unverified tender amountsPDF file (72 KB)
PS20170213 Contractor for Seawall Rehabilitation Unverified tender amounts PDF file (76 KB)
PS20161665 Contractor for the Vancouver Landfill western 40 gas works and closure Unverified tender amounts PDF file (90 KB)
PS20162048 Kitsilano Community Centre energy retrofit construction Unverified tender amounts PDF file (61 KB)
PS20161666 Vancouver Landfill closure and gas works Unverified tender amounts PDF file (66 KB)
PS20161778 PNE Garden Auditorium washroom renovations Unverified tender amounts PDF file (31 KB)
PS20161779 Firehall 8 upgrades Unverified tender amounts PDF file (66 KB)
PS20161840 Central Library level 8 and 9 construction Unverified tender amounts PDF file (56 KB)
PS20161927 Dunbar Community Centre boiler replacement Unverified tender amounts PDF file (72 KB)
PS20162048 Kitsilano Community Centre energy retrofit construction Unverified tender amounts PDF file (24 KB)
PS20170028 Douglas Park Community Centre lobby renovation Unverified tender amounts PDF file (24 KB)
PS20170105 Kitsilano outdoor pool electrical upgrades Unverified tender amounts PDF file (23 KB)
PS20170106 Kerrisdale pool roof cable replcement Unverified tender amounts PDF file (23 KB)
PS20170131 Re-roofing services for 390 Main Street Unverified tender amounts PDF file (21 KB)
PS20170184 Re-roofing services for Stanley Park pavilion Unverified tender amounts PDF file (55 KB)
PS20170125 Coal Harbour Community Centre parking lot traffic membrane replacement Unverified tender amounts PDF file (63 KB)
PS20170309 Queen Elizabeth Theatre parkade and lobby elevator modernization Unverified tender amounts PDF file (62 KB)


Solicitation # Description Document
PS20161266 Deconstruction of 2227 Wenonah Street Unverified tender amounts PDF file (25 KB)
PS20161593 Contractor for PNE Forum lighting renovation Unverified tender amounts PDF file (31 KB)