Free compost for community gardens

Free compost is available to help new community gardens grow.

The City offers garden compost donations from the landfill's compost yard to community-based projects in Vancouver.

All requests are reviewed by the City of Vancouver on a case by case basis.

Private lands donations

For garden compost donations for projects on private lands, your community garden must:

  • Be new this year
  • Be a community effort that involves many people (for example, neighbours or a church congregation)
  • Grow food

The City encourages community gardens receiving garden compost donations to be open for the public to visit. To request a compost donation for a community garden on private land that meets this criteria, email Food Policy staff at

Learn more about community gardens

Community Gardens in Vancouver are available for you to use

Community gardens

Joining a community garden is a great way to enjoy locally grown food, connect with nature, meet your neighbours, and be healthy. Find a current or proposed garden near you, and plan a new garden in your neighbourhood.

Grow your garden

Compost piles at the Vancouver Landfill compost facility.

The City sells nutrient-rich compost that has been produced at the landfill using yard and garden waste.

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