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We’re forming a new strategy to create the homes Vancouver residents need and can afford.

Vancouver is a vibrant city full of diverse, connected communities. Today, however, our neighborhoods are at risk.

As housing in Vancouver is increasingly unaffordable for our residents, we are taking bold strides forward with new initiatives to serve the needs of our residents – now and into the future.

We are dedicated to ensuring every person who wants to call Vancouver home has access to the housing they need.

Housing Vancouver Strategy

Housing Vancouver will be our new 10-year strategy to improve housing affordability by creating the right types of homes to meet the needs of the people who live and work in Vancouver. 

We'll enable 72,000 new homes in Vancouver over the next 10 years. These homes will enable the right type of homes that will match the incomes and needs of Vancouver residents.

Since over half of Vancouver’s population rents, we'll work to expand and secure more rental housing options, including new rentals that are more affordable. We'll take new actions to address homelessness and the needs of lower-income residents. To make this happen, we’ll need to seek out creative partnerships with other levels of government, non-profits, and private stakeholders.

Housing Vancouver Strategy

Our new 10-year strategy will address housing affordability and the supply of 72,000 homes that our residents need.

News about housing

Illustration of Pearson Plaza and the YMCA in the redeveloped Pearson Dogwood lands

More than 600 new units of affordable housing to be added in South Vancouver and the West End

July 27 2017 - The Pearson Dogwood lands will provide 540 City-owned social housing units and the First Baptist Church project will provide 61 social housing units.

Elderly man with child playing with blocks

City of Vancouver puts forward new actions to address the housing crisis for lower income and homeless residents

July 26 2017 - City staff presented plans and put forward bold new actions to address the housing crisis for the city's most vulnerable populations.

Housing Vancouver 2026

City quadruples housing targets for purpose-built rental homes

July 25 2017 - We plan to enable 72,000 new homes for residents of Vancouver over ten years, with a major delivery of new social, supportive, and rental housing.

Man on balcony holding baby

VAHA seeks partners to build nearly 900 new rental homes throughout Vancouver

July 24 2017 - The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) has released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop nearly 900 units of new affordable rental housing on seven City-owned sites. VAHA will lease the land to partners to build, fund and operate these new rental developments.

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Housing programs and resources

Find rental properties with health or safety issues

Look up residential rental buildings in Vancouver with health, safety, maintenance, tidiness, and other issues. The database lists buildings with issues that are unresolved or were resolved in the last 12 months.

Homelessness and low-income resources

Find shelters, financial aid, low-cost meals and recreation, and community centres that serve low-income residents.

Social- and market rental housing

Resources for tenants and developers of social housing, co-op housing, and market rental housing.

Supportive housing

Learn about supportive housing to help people who are homeless or at-risk to lead stable, independent, and connected lives.

Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency

Uses City- and partner-owned land for new housing projects with more types of home options and greater affordability than the private market.

Mayor's Task Force on Housing Affordability

The Task Force recommended bold and practical ways to improve housing affordability for low- to moderate-income households.

Related policies

Housing options for families

The Housing Mix Policy for Rezoning Projects is another step towards increasing the supply of family homes.

Rental standards database

About our initiative to create an online database of rental buildings and their compliance with health and safety bylaws.

Winter Response Shelter Strategy

The City is working with the Province to provide cold-weather shelter, and connect homeless people to community resources.

Housing Vancouver StrategyRental standards databaseAffordable Housing Choices PolicyFind rental properties with health or safety issuesHomelessness Action WeekHomelessness and low-income resourcesHousing options for familiesMap of rental housing units in developmentSocial- and market rental housingSupportive housingWinter Response Shelter Strategy