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Housing and homelessness

City Council's mission is to create a city of communities that cares about its people, its environment, and the opportunities to live, work, and prosper.

How we're doing this

City staff are working with other city departments, community partners, and all levels of government, to:

  • Leverage the City's assets to build more affordable housing
  • Build additional supportive housing for our most vulnerable citizens
  • Target shelters, and supportive and social housing to underserved neighbourhoods
  • Enhance support to renters
  • Increase the opportunities for renters to become homeowners

On this page

  1. Housing news and events
  2. Homeless, tenant, and developer resources
  3. Affordable housing strategies and agencies

Stay informed on housing

Help improve the dialogue on housing affordability at Re:Address Week

Re:Address Week public event series: October 24 – 28, 2016

Come participate in an innovative, accessible, and interactive process with global leaders, local experts, and engaged citizens that will help us shape the priorities of our Housing and Homelessness Strategy over the next five to ten years.

We will be exploring ways to best deliver a diversity of long-term housing solutions that are resilient, future-focused, and – most of all – target the needs of people who live and work in Vancouver.

The housing crisis has produced a wealth of innovative ideas. Now we need a diversity of voices and creative partnerships to bring these ideas to fruition.

View the event schedule and register  

News about housing

Vancouver City Hall

City continues with enforcement of illegal short-term rentals

October 25 2016 - We're enforcing hosts or listings with public impacts to ensure personal safety and prevent conversion of long-term rental units to visitor accommodation.

Artist's rendering of the temporary modular homes by Horizon North

Get a firsthand look inside temporary modular housing

October 24 2016 - Tour a sample modular home that will be built in early 2017 for people on low/fixed incomes, as part of Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency’s pilot project.

Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency logo

Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency to build 250 new affordable rental homes in south Vancouver

October 18 2016 - The 250 new affordable rental homes will be on three City-owned sites in East Fraser Lands to help families stay in Vancouver.

Province and City of Vancouver partner to provide winter shelters

Extra shelter spaces open due to weather alert

October 15 2016 - Additional shelter spaces are being opened in Vancouver tonight as a result of high winds and rains predicted for the area.

Upcoming housing events

No events today.

2015 Housing Report Card

2015 Housing Report Card

View our five years of progress on the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Strategy (2012-2021)

2016 Actions on Homelessness

Read the 2016 Actions on Homelessness brochure

Read our summary findings from the 2016 Homeless Count, actions to date on housing and shelters, and a snapshot of our next steps.


2016 Homeless Count Report PDF file (1.3 MB)

Annual 24-hour snapshot and analysis of people in Vancouver that are homeless on the street and in shelters

2015 Housing Report Card: Part 1 (1.3 MB) and Part 2 (4.2 MB)

Reports of the City's progress towards the Housing & Homelessness Strategy (2012-2021) targets to date.

2015 SRA Replacement, Renewal and Change report PDF file (3.6 MB)

Biennial inventory and analysis of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) housing stock, including quantity, vacancy rates, and rents 

2015 Housing Characteristics Fact Sheet PDF file (470 KB)

Overview of the City’s housing stock, trends, market rates, tenure, demographics, and needs

Find safe, supportive, and affordable housing

Check a rental building's maintenance record

Find rental properties with health or safety issues

Look up residential rental buildings in Vancouver with health, safety, maintenance, tidiness, and other issues. The database lists buildings with issues that are unresolved or were resolved in the last 12 months.

Homeless and low-income resources

Find shelters, financial aid, low-cost meals and recreation, and community centres that serve low-income residents.

Supportive housing

Learn about supportive housing to help people who are homeless or at-risk to lead stable, independent, and connected lives.

Social- and market rental housing

Find resources for tenants and developers of social housing, co-op housing, and market rental housing. Learn what we're doing to expand rental housing.

Follow our work to increase affordable housing

Vancouver's housing strategy

Council is committed to ending street homelessness by 2015, and increasing affordable housing choices for all residents of the city.

Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency

The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) is working to create 2,500 new affordable homes in Vancouver by 2021.

Mayor's Task Force on Housing Affordability

The Task Force recommended bold and practical ways to improve housing affordability for low- to moderate-income households.

Find rental properties with health or safety issuesHomelessness Action WeekHomeless and low-income resourcesSupportive housingSocial- and market rental housingVancouver's housing strategyMap of rental housing units in developmentEmpty homes