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Housing and homelessness

Housing and homelessness

Council's mission is to create a city of communities that cares about its people, its environment, and the opportunities to live, work, and prosper.

City staff are working with other city departments, community partners, and all levels of government, to:

  • Leverage the City's assets to build more affordable housing
  • Build additional supportive housing for our most vulnerable citizens
  • Target shelters, and supportive and social housing to underserved neighbourhoods
  • Enhance support to renters
  • Increase the opportunities for renters to become homeowners

Affordable homes for everyone

Vancouver's housing strategy

Council is committed to ending street homelessness by 2015, and increasing affordable housing choices for all residents of the city.

Housing the homeless and at-risk

Supportive housing

Vancouver's supportive housing combines affordable housing with support services, to help tenants get off the streets and stabilize their lives.

Resources for renters

Social- and market rental housing

Staff are protecting existing rental housing, while adding 5,000 new social housing units and 11,000 new market rentals to the City's rental supply.

Resources for homeless residents

Homeless and low-income resources

The City helps connect homeless and under-housed residents with a range of free and low-cost services, including shelters and food.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

Outside Vancouver:

Speak your own language

When should you call 9-1-1? Click to find out       Deaf? Have difficulty speaking? Click to learn how to make a TTY call

More ways to contact us

Final 2015 City of Vancouver homeless count

The Vancouver homeless count, conducted on March 24, 2015, is the latest count measuring the number of homeless people in the city.

Housing and Homelessness Strategy, 2012-2021


Read the complete Housing and Homelessness Strategy, and learn how Council is ending street homelessness while providing affordable housing for all residents.

Download the strategy 

Mayor's Task Force on Housing Affordability


The Task Force on Affordable Housing is making Vancouver a more liveable, sustainable, and affordable city.

Learn how

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