Managing rain and stormwater runoff

Regional stormwater management philosopy

Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver's stormwater management guidelines and policies 

We design streets, country lanes, and rain gardens with absorbent materials to reduce surface flooding and divert stormwater runoff from the sewer system. The absorbed water is filtered by the ground and released slowly into local streams, similar to nature's own processes. These designs help create more attractive, enjoyable neighbourhoods.

Examples of integrated stormwater management

Sustainable streets

Sustainable streets

We design streets where stormwater runoff filters naturally through planted areas into restored ponds and streams. At the same time, the streets are designed to calm traffic and encourage walking.

The photo shows Crown Street, Canada's first environmentally friendly street.


Country lanes

Country lanes

Innovative lane designs have a rural ambiance and use absorbent materials to manage rainwater environmentally.


Rain gardens

Rain gardens

Planted areas behind curbs channel and filter stormwater from the street.


Vancouver stormwater management plans

Creekway image © Nick Page

Citywide Integrated Rainwater Management Plan

The City has developed an integrated rainwater management plan that will make Vancouver’s abundant rainwater a resource, conserve our potable water supply, and support our urban watersheds.

Musqueam Creek

Musqueam Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Vancouver is partnering with the Musqueam First Nation to develop an integrated stormwater management plan for the Musqueam Creek watershed.

Report a spill or leak

Call 3-1-1 to report a spill or leak of oil, chemicals or paint:

  • Into the ocean, or a creek, lake, stream or pond.
  • On the road
  • Entering a sewer or storm drain

They will need your name and daytime phone number, in case further information is needed.

Musqueam Integrated Stormwater Management PlanCitywide Integrated Rainwater Management PlanManaging the region's stormwater