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Building and renovating


Vancouver Council and staff are always working to make the City's homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more accessible for all residents.

We work with other departments, levels of government, professional associations, and the public to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint created by Vancouver's homes
  • Reduce the waste generated through building and renovating
  • Enhance the safety and comfort of all residents, through inspections, permits, and regulations
  • Enable improved design, construction, and operation of buildings
  • Review alternate solutions to requirements in the City's building code

How we make Vancouver's homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more accessible


Green building and renovating

Guidelines, policies, grants, and resources help you lower your energy costs, while making Vancouver a world leader in green building and design.

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Permits and regulations

Permits and regulations for building and renovating play an important role in supporting life safety and neighbourhood compatibility. Learn more here.

Heavy equipment doing construction work

Construction damage deposit

Most Vancouver construction / renovation projects require a construction damage deposit. Find out the fee, when / how you pay it, and how to get a refund.

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Inspections ensure the completed work on your construction or renovation project complies with your permit and the bylaw.

Vancouver has 1,450 km of water pipes, and 2,800 km of sewer pipes.

Utilities locations and construction

Find out how utilities locations can impact your construction project, and what you can do.

Buildings and construction in Olympic Village

Get copies of building plans, permits, and property records

Learn how to get copies of building plans, permits, and file research letters with property records like outstanding bylaw orders, zoning, approved use, issued permits, and more.

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Passive Design Toolkit for Homes


The Passive Design Toolkit for Homes helps you build a home that harnesses the sun, wind, and other elements to maintain consistent room temperatures and comfort, without expensive mechanical systems.

Get the Toolkit

Green renovation guides

Get the green renovation guides

Create a home that is healthy, money-saving, and is easy on the environment, with the City's series of 9 green home renovation guides.

Get the guides

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