Facility and recreation registration frequently asked questions


Where can I get my receipts for filing my tax return?

Where can I get receipts for transactions that took place before the fall 2015 season (before September 2015)?

What is the fee for returned cheques (non-sufficient funds)?

What types of payment are accepted?

Account creation and login

How do I create my customer account?

I get an "invalid login name or password" error when signing into my account.

I am getting "The email address was not found" error when trying to reset my password

What should I do if I forget my password?

Can I add a friend or relative to my account?

How many accounts should each family have?

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

Registering for a program, class, or activity

How do I register for an activity?

How do I register multiple participants for the same activity?

What will happen if I try to register for an activity that is full?

What are incomplete entries and how do I fix them?

Can I view activities without registering?

What is the difference between the wish list, waitlists, and more buttons?

How do I know when I have successfully registered for a program, class, or activity?

Refund policies

How do I request a refund?

What is the refund policy if I cancel my participation in recreation program/activity?

What is the refund policy if I cancel my Flexipass, 10-visit pass, personal training session, or 10-strip tickets?

What is the refund policy if I cancel my participation in a swimming or skating lesson?

What is the refund policy if I cancel my facility rental reservation?


Can I buy passes if I don't have the OneCard?

How do my online purchases get loaded to my OneCard?

Managing my account

How do I change or update my account information?

What should I do if my account is locked out?

How can I view a schedule of my family's upcoming activities?

How do I add family members/friends/relatives to my account?

How can I remove a family member/friend/relative from my account?

Technical difficulties

The registration system is timing out or logging me off unexpectedly. What should I do?