Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre

Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in Vancouver

Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre provides a place for intercultural connections, a gathering place for the community, and an opportunity for all to experience the arts in programs, events, and performances. We are passionate about the arts and offer a welcoming space for creative professionals, for people who think they can’t draw/dance/act but want to, and for everyone in-between.

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Sunset Community Centre


The Sunset Community Centre is located at 6810 Main St, Vancouver, BC. 604-718-6505. Amenities include a dance studio, fitness centre, gym, ice rink, and playground.

Sunset Community Association

The Sunset Community Centre and Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre are jointly operated by the Vancouver Park Board and the Sunset Community Association.

The Sunset Community Association is a volunteer organization that works to develop programs and policies within the centre. For more information and to get involved, visit the Sunset Community Association website.


Monday to Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm

Contact us

7646 Prince Albert St
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-718-6521


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