Make food a centrepiece of a green economy

Off the Wagon food cart

Creating food-related green jobs, and addressing challenges to growing, processing, warehousing, and distributing local and sustainable foods are essential to building a green economy.

Better linking local food producers with Vancouverites reduces the distance our food travels, minimizing the impact on the environment. It also supports local economic development.

The food strategy emphasizes skill-building and job creation opportunities that support green food sectors and technologies.

Another key is supporting social enterprise models of food businesses such as food hubs, urban farms, and farmers markets, which contribute to a green economy while building the skills and resilience of participants.

Priority actions

  • Create policy to enable urban farming as a defined use on zoned lands
  • Explore possibilities for urban farmers to sell produce directly from an urban farm
  • Find ways to sell and distribute produce from urban farms in community centres, neighbourhood houses, and schools
  • Create an urban farming business license category
  • Create existing models of urban farms, monitor changes, and integrate new models as they emerge
  • Find ways to increase the percentage of local and sustainable food purchased by City and school facilities, and Park Board facilities, including community centres, and concessions in parks and beaches
  • Review and update interim farmers market policy, including permitting processes, permitting, fees, licensing, and percentage of agricultural foods
  • Explore supporting farmers markets on Park Board sites with electricity and water

Current programs that are helping the City reach this goal

Urban garden

Urban agriculture guidelines

To help developers plan common outdoor amenity spaces for their projects that include opportunities for growing food, staff have developed a set of urban agriculture design guidelines.

West End Farmers Market

Farmers markets

Farmers markets continue to grow in number and popularity in Vancouver. Find a farmers markets, and learn how to start one.

Follow the Food Policy Group

Food strategy targets

By 2020, the City aims to increase the number of:

  • Community garden plots from 3,640 to 5,000
  • Urban farms from 17 to 35
  • Farmers markets from nine to 22
  • Community food markets from 4 to 15

What feeds us: Vancouver Food Strategy

Read the Vancouver Food Strategy, and learn how Vancouver is building a healthy, accessible, sustainable food system.

Download the pamphlet

Download the strategy