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Motorcycle and scooter parking

To support your efforts to help Vancouver become the greenest city in the world by 2020, we make it easy to park your environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

On this page:

  1. Find parking spaces just for motorcycles and scooters
  2. Save money parking motorcycles and scooters at regular parking meters with Paybyphone

Find parking spaces just for motorcycles and scooters

There are over 200 parking spaces, including over 100 metered spaces, that are only for motorcycles and scooters. These designated spaces are marked with:

  • Green-topped meters
  • Motorcycle parking signs
  • White painted zones

Metered spaces for motorcycles and scooters

The parking rate for motorcycle meter spaces on a block is 50% less than regular parking meter spaces on the same block.

Electric scooters, both registered and unregistered, may park for free.

Find a metered space

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Save money parking motorcycles and scooters at regular parking meters with Paybyphone

You get a 50% discount on parking rates when you use Paybyphone to park your gas-powered motorcycle and scooter in regular parking meter spaces.

Electric scooters with licence plates can get a 75% discount.

Note Electric scooters without licence plates can't park in regular parking meter spaces.

Space sharing

You can share a parking space with other motorcycles or scooters if there's room. Make sure your bike fits within the painted lines of the space.

When you share a space, here's how to pay for parking:

  1. By Paybyphone – this covers your bike only
  2. By coin at the meter – this covers all the bikes in the parking space

If you're parked in a space with no time left on the parking meter or no current Paybyphone transaction, you can get a ticket.

Parking tips


Find the bylaws on motorcycle and scooter parking in Vancouver, including what happens to cars parked in designated motorcycle spaces.

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Don't park at a broken meter

Do not park at a broken parking meter to avoid a ticket.

To report a broken meter, phone 3-1-1 and:

  • Provide the six digit meter number located on the side of the meter 
  • Request a refund for any money you put into the broken meter 

Green transportation

The City is taking action to make Vancouver the greenest city.

The City of Vancouver is working hard to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world.

Go green