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Sidewalk fixtures and amenities

Benches and other sidewalk fixtures add convenience for everyone.

Vancouver sidewalks and streets have many fixtures and amenities that keep our city tidy, accessible, and vibrant.

Street fixtures and amenities are furnishings that just seem to fit in on our City streets and sidewalks. These fixtures provide a function, like seating, waste management, and storage.

Our street fixtures help keep Vancouver tidier, and add convenience for everyone.

The City of Vancouver installs benches on sidewalks, mainly at bus stops.


Contact 3-1-1 to suggest a location for a new bench, or to request maintenance on a bench on public sidewalks. Priority for new bench requests is given to busy pedestrian areas.

You can also have park benches dedicated in someone's memory through the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

A bike rack permit allows you to have a bike rack installed in front of your business.

Bike racks

We install bike parking in commercial areas to support cyclists and businesses. To request bike parking at a location, phone 3-1-1. 

Man and woman finding their way around Downtown Vancouver using a map stand

Map stands

Easily find your way around town using over 200 map stands placed throughout Vancouver. Our wayfinding map stands help you locate nearby attractions, amenities, drinking fountains, public toilets, public transit connections, and accessibility aids.

Learn about map stands

The City of Vancouver empties litter cans daily.

Litter cans

The City installs garbage cans that coordinate with diverse streetscapes, and suit the needs of neighbourhoods. Our program is designed to:

  • Place litter cans at high-traffic bus stops
  • Employ innovative technologies, such as solar-powered compacting cans used in high-traffic areas 

Request a garbage can cleanup using the VanConnect app

Contact 3-1-1 to suggest areas where new city garbage cans can be installed.

Multiple publication newsracks are available for high-traffic locations.

Newspaper boxes

Newspaper boxes provide a useful service to pedestrians. Contact 3-1-1 for more information about free-standing newsboxes, or multiple publication newsracks like the one in the photo.

Banners can be used to help promote business areas, neighbourhoods, and events.

Banners and flags

Local business associations, non-profit groups, charitable organizations, and special events organizations can install banners and flags on City streets. Visit the Doing Business section of the website to find out more, and download the application package.

Automated public toilets like this one at Main and Terminal, are free to use.

Automated public toilets

The City has installed automated public toilets in the downtown area. They are automatically cleaned and sanitized after each use, and are available to the public 24 hours a day for free.

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Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

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A sign for Robson Street 

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Get a replica or custom street name sign from the City.

Request a cleanup

Request a litter can or cart cleanup on public property using the VanConnect app.

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Did you know

The City of Vancouver issues contracts to suppliers who provide environmentally-friendly street fixtures, or share the cost of installing and maintaining them.

For example:

  • OUTFRONT Media / JCDecaux supplies and maintains street furniture in Vancouver in exchange for the rights to the transit shelter advertising program.
  • Big Belly Solar provides solar powered trash compactors that reduce collection needs and associated carbon emissions.
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