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2014 municipal election

On November 15, 2014, Vancouver voters elected 27 people to public office:

  • One mayor and 10 councillors for Vancouver City Council
  • Seven commissioners for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
  • Nine school trustees for the Vancouver School Board

Under the Vancouver Charter (section 48), the chief election officer declared an election PDF file (34 KB) because 119 people ran for office when there are only 27 elected positions.

Voter turn-out increased by 35% from 2011

The very strong turn-out of 43.4% in 2014 surpasses our 40% goal..

Download our 2014 election results open data

2014 voter turn-out
2011 voter turn-out
Early voting places
Nov 15 voting places

2014 election details

Election results

View the official results for the mayor, councillor, park board commissioner, and school trustee races.

Candidate profiles

Find nomination documents and candidate profiles for candidates for Mayor, City Council, Park Commissioner, and School Trustee.

Capital plan borrowing

In the 2014 municipal election, voters authorized the City to borrow money for particular Capital Plan projects over the next 4 years.

Information for candidates

Get key dates and requirements for 2014 municipal election candidates for Mayor, Council, Park Board, and Vancouver School Board.

Contact the City Clerk's Office

3rd Floor, City Hall
453 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Fax: 604-873-7419


Election resultsCandidate profilesCapital plan borrowingInformation for candidates