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Calm waters in False Creek at sunset reflect the lights of Science World and downtown, with the Creekside Paddling Centre dragon boat slips in the foreground

Corporate plan

Our annual corporate plan sets out our organization’s highest priorities for the year

Our senior executive, the City Leadership Team, uses the plan to ensure that we:

  • Focus and align our work to achieve City Council priorities
  • Always improve upon how we deliver high-quality services and programs at the best possible value for people who live, work, and play in Vancouver
  • Meet our core service responsibilities

The corporate plan helps our staff focus on key priorities and understand how their work fits into the larger picture of our long-term strategic goals.

Read the 2017 Corporate Plan PDF file (3 MB)

Long-term strategic goals and 2017 priorities

1. The City provides excellent service

The City integrates a service focus into all dealings with citizens and customers, ensures they are appropriately informed and included in municipal decision-making, and maintains the corporate knowledge, data, and information in a robust and accessible network of systems, to ensure the right information gets to the right people to inform decision-making.

2017 priorities

  1. Data-driven decision-making
  2. Development and building service improvements
  3. Development and building regulatory review
  4. Public realm cleanliness

2. The City is financially healthy and administratively effective

The City sustains long-term fiscal health and administrative effectiveness through responsible financial stewardship and robust internal administrative structures and processes.

2017 priorities

  1. Long-term Financial Sustainability Strategy
  2. Corporate Revenue Review and Sponsorship Strategy
  3. Information technology performance and resilience
  4. Regulatory compliance framework
  5. Development Cost Levy Review
  6. Corporate Security Plan

3. The City leads the way on green issues

The City develops and maintains the internal corporate systems, policies, practices, and asset-management plans that emphasize:

  • Reducing carbon dependency
  • Enhancing energy resilience
  • Conserving energy and resources
  • Reducing waste
  • Creating a green corporate culture
  • Protecting and enhancing the health of the ecosystem

2017 priorities

  1. Zero Emissions Building Policy for City-Owned Buildings
  2. Civic water-use reduction
  3. Vancouver Landfill gas capture
  4. Biodiversity Strategy
  5. Zero Waste Strategy

4. The City inspires excellence in the workplace and in its employees

The City develops and sustains a dynamic, healthy, and safe workplace environment that consistently attracts and retains top-quality people and enables them to perform at their best.

2017 priorities

  1. Decision-making and accountability
  2. Employee health and safety
  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Employee engagement

5. The City optimizes strategic partnerships and collaborations

The City cultivates strong intergovernmental relationships and seeks opportunities to leverage benefits from strategic partnerships and collaborations.

2017 priorities

  1. Mental health and addiction
  2. Senior government partnerships
  3. City of Reconciliation initiatives
  4. Downtown Eastside economic initiatives
  5. Business relationship management
  6. 100 Resilient Cities

6. Vancouver is a sustainable, affordable, liveable, and inclusive city

The City strives to make Vancouver a sustainable, affordable, inclusive, and liveable city with a strong sense of place, through planning that ensures land use, transportation, energy, public realm, community amenities, social services, and food delivery systems are well integrated into our diverse communities and across the city.

2017 priorities

  1. Affordable housing policy and programs
  2. Affordable housing stock
  3. Short-term residential rental policy
  4. Empty homes tax
  5. Comprehensive city vision
  6. Sea-level rise planning
  7. False Creek South long-term planning
  8. Zero Emissions Building Plan

7. Vancouver's business climate is dynamic and robust

The City fosters the relationships and provides the services and regulatory environment that support a flourishing local economy, and ensures that the City’s land-use planning reflects the diverse needs of industry and businesses of all sizes over the long term.

2017 priorities

  1. City Core 2050
  2. Employment lands
  3. Sign and billboard regulations
  4. Street rights-of-way and public realm activation
  5. Playland redevelopment

8. Vancouver is a safe city in which people feel secure

The City provides the high-quality and effective police, fire, emergency-preparedness, and regulatory services that make Vancouver safe and enjoyable for residents, businesses, and visitors.

2017 priorities

  1. Seismic preparation and mitigation
  2. At-risk building preservation and enforcement
  3. Property crime prevention
  4. Vancouver Police mental health support and advocacy
  5. Road safety
  6. Fire prevention services

9. Vancouver offers extraordinary civic amenities

The City provides high-quality recreational, social, cultural, and lifelong learning amenities that provide everyone in the city the opportunity to:

  • Develop and enjoy themselves
  • Help attract the talent needed in our city to maintain a strong economy

2017 priorities

  1. Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  2. City Archives and Central Library co-location
  3. Arbutus Greenway
  4. Arts and Culture Strategy
  5. Public art boost
  6. Social Infrastructure Plan

10. Vancouver's assets and infrastructure are well-managed and resilient

The City plans for, develops, and sustains the low-carbon, energy-resilient, environmentally-sound, cost-effective, reliable, and safe public works and infrastructure that play an essential role in making Vancouver a healthy, safe, and prosperous city.

2017 priorities

  1. Northeast False Creek planning
  2. Property Endowment Fund Strategy
  3. City Hall campus planning
  4. Millennium Line Broadway Extension
  5. Non-profit lease management
  6. District energy expansion